Top Notch Construction from TM

Inside the Top Model Wing

Ventus 2CX

Ever wonder what makes up those high quality parts? Well, wonder no-more. We can show you!

Top Model designs their scale wings to be sturdy, light weight, and easy to transport. The wings have a foam core surrounded by obechi sheeting with carbon fiber reinforcement. The wing is then covered in Ultracote. Both the wing and fuselage have pre-installed wiring harnesses that also include multi-pin connectors for fast, trouble-free setup at the field. Due to Topmodel’s ingenious retention system, the wings are easy to remove and transport, yet kept secure when in flight.

Check out all of our TopModel Sailpanes here:

Calling All Angels!

Charlie and Her Angels (Albatros & Super Sport)

This pup loves to chase after our Albatros Classic Sport 3E and Super Sport 2.35E, and these angelic aircraft are definitely worthy of chasing.

Classic in design, but not lacking in technological advancement, the Albatros Classic Sport is one of our favorite choices for a trip to the flying field. It sports a gel-coated fiberglass fuselage, balsa/ply D-tube wing, and a carbon/balsa built up tail. The three meter wing is in three pieces wing for easy travel and storage. Complete with the ailerons, elevator, rudder, and flaps, you are in full control as you fly. As a final touch, the wing and tail are beautifully covered in transparent Ultracote.

Check out the specs here.

The Super Sport 2.35 is another beautifully designed aircraft. This airframe also has a gel-covered fuselage, carbon and balsa built up tail, and a two piece wing that has a carbon fiber main spar/leading edge. Like the Albatros Classic Sport you also have ultimate control while flying with ailerons, elevator, rudder, and flaps.

Read more about the Super Sport 2.35 here.

Upgraded Hinges on Our OV-10 Bronco

In It For The Long Hall (OV-10 Bronco Build)

OV-10 Bronco

Another one of our goals when building our aircraft is to keep the quality up for as long as possible. For this reason, we chose to upgrade the hinges to aluminum hinges. Being made out of a metal, such as aluminum, verses Kevlar fabric (CA Hinges) or nylon, will increase the longevity of the hinges when under repeated stress. The added bonus is how nice they look!

Explore Hinges

With a Simple Flip of a Switch!

Now, you can effortlessly turn on and off your RC model with a flip of a switch!

Introducing the Elite Falcon line of ESCs. These new Opto and SBEC speed controllers bring to the table revolutionary design, system upgradability, state of the art telemetry capabilities, and the ability to use a magnetic, touch, or wireless switch to turn on and off your model.

The Falcon product line represents advanced speed controllers for exclusive use in airplanes, drones, sailplanes or any kind of radio control application. With integrated telemetry and various possibilities of optional user configuration, the controllers offer high efficiency, low weight and precise motor control. The telemetry system in the Elite Falcon ESC lets you monitor in real time the Amperage (Amp), Voltage (V), and Capacity (mAh) consumed from the battery, ESC even calculates Power (W) output of the system. You can also measure the ESC Temperature and add external Motor Temperature and Propeller Positioning sensors. The Elite Falcon line of Brushless ESCs adds another revolutionary feature utilizing Backup Battery Integration. We have created a more robust hardware platform including increased cooling capability, smaller overall packaging, and selectable sensitivity to allow you to use any brushless motor that you choose. No matter which size you choose, the Elite Falcon series brushless speed controllers are right for your next project.

Learn more here.

Building Our OV-10 Bronco

Good Start to 2023 – Another Beautiful Build (OV-10 Bronco)

As we approached a new year, we decided that we were in need of a good project. To start, our eyes landed on this beautiful Bronco OV-10 scale warbird. This model has been equip with an Elite 40cc electric motors, Elite Falcon 130 ESC, and Hacker Ditex EL Serovs. Thanks to the EX5/SE6 bus system we were able to complete a clean set up of all our wires, and of course we are running it through a Jeti Central Box 320. (Do we need to mention that we are flying it on our Jeti DS-24… you’re right, I didn’t think so).

With a wingspan of 108″ this giant model is a representation of the original 1960’s North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco. The OV-10 Bronco is an American aircraft which was designed by the U.S. Marine Corps for close air support and ground operations (“North American Rockwell,” 2023). It has a central fuselage that houses the pilots and cargo and two additional booms which are connected with a horizontal stabilizer (“North American Rockwell,” 2023). Each boom supports its own prop engine (or motor in our case).

We love the model as is, but it just wouldn’t feel like ours without a few modifications. Follow along with us as we complete the customization of our beautiful OV-10 Bronco!

The first custom modification we made was adding a droppable fuel tank.

Check out the tank and drop modification below!


North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco. (2023, January 18th.) In Wikipedia

Store Display Opale Paramotor For Sale!

Power 2.7/3.67m Paramotor Built and Ready to Fly!

Power 2.7 Paramotor w/Set Up

Check out this store display paramotor we have just put up for sale. Expertly built in our shop, this guy is just about ready to get up in the sky!

Condition of item: Store Demo, Test Flown, Like Brand NEW, Added Extra Features

What is included:
(1) Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m $449.00
(1) Lucas Pilot w/Harness $299.00
(1) Opale Backpack L $235.00
(1) AXi 4120/18 Brushless Motor $185.00
(1) Jeti Mezon 90 Lite ESC w/Telemetry $285.00
(1) Hardware/Ballast Package $40.00
(1) Building Services $200.00

What we recommend: Jeti Pro Power Battery 4000-5000mAh 6S

Head over to our website to see all the details!

When Radio Control and Art Collide

Daniel Hirscher, Tomahawk Aviation, and a DH-Colorworks Masterpiece

Daniel Hirscher with the Hirscher 400 Turbo

Behold the beauty of this Hirscher 400 Turbo from Tomahawk Aviation. Not only is the plane a masterpiece of its own, add in Daniel Hirscher’s amazing art and it becomes something entirely out of this world. Custom airbrushed by Mr. Hirscher, this plane combines his love of the hobby with his skill in the arts. According to his website ( Mr. Hirscher got started in airbrushing because he wanted to add a little something extra to one of his personal aircrafts. From there, his passion ignited and now he has painted anything from clothing, to cars, and even an oversized whiskey bottle (! Check out the Hirscher 400 Turbo below! This particular model runs some of the best equipment from Hacker, Jeti, Hitec, and Falcon Props.


New From Opale Paramodels

Pilots, Backpacks, Wings, and More!

Opale has dropped some hot new products and we have all the juicy details!

First up is the new pilot – Mike XL with Harness. Mike XL is available in both backpack and paraglider/auxiliary motor versions.

Mike XL is a user-friendly, high quality pilot, and is the result of a year-long development partnership with experienced pilots and valued customers. In an effort to provide a higher level of quality controlled manufacturing, 80% of the parts are now manufactured in-house by Opale Paramodel. Thanks to its long list of possibilities, you are free to configure your pilot according to your needs.

Mike XL for Backpack

Mike XL for Paraglider/Auxiliary Motor

With the addition of Mike XL pilot, comes the XL2 Backpack.

Backpack XL2 is designed to fly extra large 3.5m – 4.5m wings. It features an hyper-realistically designed frame to protect your flying equipment, pilot, harness, cameras or anything else that you choose to carry. The risers attach to a separate arm that bolts to the main frame for extra rigidity and has multiple riser locations for setting up CG no matter what equipment is on board. The XL2 also features a robust steel prop ring sure to last through years of landings. Unique hold-down tabs are also incorporated into the backpack to secure your pilot and harness while in flight.

Backpack XL2

Backpack XL2

Next on the list of amazing new Opale Paramodels products is the Ultra 3.5/5.25m Aerobatic Ultra High Performance Wing.

The “Ultra” range of wings marks a new step in the development of high performance wings for remote controlled paragliders. Thanks to the success of the Ace and Split, we have decided to adapt this concept for “High Aspect Ratio” wings. A high ratio wing, or more commonly “Razor Blade”, provides much more performance than a classic low/moderate ratio wing. Generally, the disadvantages of an extended wing are the difficulty of inflating and low passive safety. With our technology, the Ultra is the only high ratio wing strategically equipped with “Split” type cells. This combination provides a smooth takeoff, even without wind, but also an unbeatable level of passive safety for this category. To summarize this type of technology, you have the benefits of a single surface profile at takeoff, without the drag, with the performance of a double surface wing in flight.

Ultra 3.5/5.25m Wing


Check out these awesome add-ons to complete your set up!

Paraglider Pilot XL Mike Auxiliary Motor Kit w/Folding Propeller, Motor, ESC – This auxiliary motorization kit will allow you to regain altitude while still operating your pilot in optimal free flight conditions. 

Auxiliary Motor Kit

Paramotor Backpack XL2 Scale 3D Printed Engine Kit – bring a touch of reality to your RC paraglider with this printed engine kit (unpainted).

Scale Engine Kit

Paramotor Backpack XL2 Backpack Protection – Keep your pilot protected with this molded carbon fiber protector.

Backpack Protection