Esprit Tech Live EP. #9 – NEW: Jeti DS-12 CF Radios & ToolkitRC Chargers, Analyzers and Testers

This week James will be talking about a couple of exciting new products coming into the store from Jeti and ToolkitRC. He will be explaining the features of the new ToolkitRC chargers and showing us the new DS-12 Carbon radios currently on preorder status. He will also do a demonstration of wired buddy boxing using the Jeti DS-12 transmitter as a teacher to other brands of radios. If you are the lone Jeti flyer at your field and want to be able to buddy box fellow club members, or you’ve been on the fence about a new transmitter or charger, make sure to tune in to this episode.

Tune in Thursday, May 20th at 14:00 EST, HERE!

NEW: ToolkitRC Chargers, Testers & Analyzers Available Now

We are glad to be able to bring these excellent products to our customers.

ToolkitRC has developed a number of best-selling balance management charging products, and the industry’s first touch color screen balance charger. Today, a variety of RC industry utilities have been integrated to launch the company’s first toolchain, the M8. Based on the balanced charger, the M8 integrates functions such as electric display, power meter and signal tester.

Learn more and get your own, HERE!

The New Jeti Electronic Dual Power Switch V-Cable 4A/12A (Mini Power Redundancy)

The Jeti V-Cable is a dual input battery isolator. The Jeti Mini V-Cable isolates two power sources (Two Receiver Batteries/Backup Battery and BEC) keeping your system operational if one of the power sources accidentally fails.

The V-Cable is designed for two independent 5V – 8.4V power inputs and supports up to 4A continuous current or 12A burst current for your connected devices. This unit is most suitable for light weight models, like electric or thermal duration sailplanes, in which you want to run two separate power sources. Please note that V-Cable does not include a regulator, output voltage is equal to the larger of two input voltages.

Get it, HERE!

Esprit Tech Live EP. #8 – NEW: RC Helicopters and & Heli Programming

This week James will be talking the Jeti Duplex EX transmitter system and its application in model helicopters as well as how to use the Jeti system to train a new pilot. He will talk about the accessories that might apply in the helicopter market and show the basics of helicopter programming. We have gotten a lot of questions lately on this week’s topics, especially the teacher/student setup, so you’ll definitely want to tune in this week.

Tune in Thursday, May 7th at 14:00 EST, HERE!

NEW Elite Telemetry Sensor Current/Voltage/Capacity & Voltario T30 12V/10A Touch Switches!

Voltario Telemetry Sensor monitors your Rx Battery Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh), and Current (A)

Voltario T30 combines Touch w/LED (Included), Wireless (R3/RSW) or Mechanical Switch functionality together with telemetry sensor in a single device. Voltario T30 uses advanced technology to reach minimum size and enhanced set of features.

Voltario T30 is designed to turn ON/OFF the electronics in your model. If you use a dedicated receiver battery, the Voltario can be used to directly replace a mechanical RC switch. Specifically in thin glider fuselages or models equipped with a small BEC circuit, the device will offer great benefits like a small size and receiver battery monitoring. The device remembers its last operating state, and if the battery is accidentally disconnected, the Voltario will automatically boot up again as soon as the battery is connected again. JetiBox Monitor/Programmer can be used for programming and live telemetry data display during bench setup and testing.

Learn more, HERE!

BRAND NEW ITEM: Elite Telemetry Sensor Current/Voltage/Capacity & Servo Overload Protection Voltario S30 12V/30A

We’ve got new sensors to help you keep up with all your models and builds.

Voltario S30 is designed for monitoring power consumption of a single servo. It offers additional possibility to set the overcurrent protection shutdown with telemetry alarm if servo is disconnected. JetiBox Monitor/Programmer can be used for programming and live telemetry data display during bench setup and testing.

Voltario Telemetry Sensor monitors your Servo Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh), and Current (A).

Plug the Voltario S30 between receiver output channel and servo of your choosing. Voltario S30 also works fully autonomously as a programmable fuse (this function has to be configured first). To view the live telemetry data you can link the Voltario S30 with the receiver telemetry port.

– Jeti Duplex & Graupner HoTT telemetry support (Current, Voltage, Used Capacity)
– Optional High Current Shutdown with Power Regeneration
– Programmable Overcurrent Protection (0.1A – 20A)

Shutdown Current – you can specify the maximum allowed current before the Voltario shuts down the load. By default, after reaching the shutdown current, it takes approximately 0.5 seconds before the fuse reacts. But the overcurrent shutdown reacts proportionally faster if the current is higher.

Check them out, HERE!