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Check valve helps with backflow of the fuel. Easily installs inside of the fuselage or engine cowl. Use with synthetic or mineral oils, glow, diesel or nitro fuel.  Available in Large and Small.

Fuel Line Aluminum Standard T-Joiners are widely used in two line fueling systems. Fit between fuel tank and engine, always combine with Fuel Cup. Fuel Line Aluminum Standard Joiners are widely used in two line fueling systems. Fit between fuel tank and engine or any place you need to connect fuel lines. 

Fuel line aluminum plugs, used for closing fueling lines.
For standard 3/32″ (2.4mm) ID fuel tubing.

Fuel Line Aluminum Firewall Fitting Set is widely used in two line fueling systems. Fittings fit between fuel tank and engine to get easily fuel lines thru airplane wood or composite firewall. 

Check out our latest video testing the Esprit Elite 165HV ESC on our brand new Jeti DS-12!

Live testing of brand new Esprit Elite 165HV Brushless Electronic Speed Controller with Xpwr 35cc and Esprit Elite 50cc E50/215 Brushless Outrunner Motor with integrated Temperature and RPM Sensors using Jeti DS-12 Radio System and Telemetry Data Logging. Find them here –

Falcon Carbon Fiber White E-Spinners

Beautiful, high gloss Carbon Fiber, pre-painted spinners with pre-cut blade slots, special cooling holes, and specially designed aluminum backplate.

Falcon Carbon Fiber spinners come with pre-cut slots for the propeller blades, and specially designed front of the spinner with additional openings for direct intake of the cooling air. The backplate is considered an engineering marvel, anodized, super light with arms shaped to help create additional airflow.