New Mezon Pro ESCs with Direct EX Bus Control

Did you know that with new Mezon Pro ESCs you can save channel on your receiver and use EX Bus to control throttle directly?

Gernot, Jeti DC-24 & Elite E105-30 9000W Motor

Gernot Bruckmann is testing new Elite E105-30 135 Brushless HD Outrunner Motor.
Check out how 14S, 30×13 prop at 170A (9000W) looks like.

Jeti Ditex Line of Servos is Finally Complete

New Jeti Ditex TD 0606M & TD 0806MD servos just showed up.

Weekend Fun with X-Plus and 1500W

What did you do this weekend? Our X-Plus CF hotliner with Jeti DS-24, Neu 1515/3D motor, 2700 5S battery, 7×7 prop and Mezon Pro 80 ESC performed flawlessly.  (80A/1500W/25,000 RPM = FUN)

The X-Plus, New Addition to Our Demo Fleet

Carbon Fiber Fuselage & 2.4GHz Antennas

New Addition, TopModel Still Pylon Racer

We Are Ready for Winter Indoor Season, Piper L-4 w/Jeti

How to Protect Your Expensive Sailplane or Pylon Racer

Simple strips of clear or color matched self-adhesive vinyl can be the difference between a good day and a ruined day.

Clean-up the bottom of your model using denatured alcohol and apply vinyl in places where the bottom of the fuselage can come in contact with the ground. If needed, multiple overlaying layers will help even more with rough or rocky terrain. Once the tape is damaged, simply remove and replace it.

Jeti Central Box 100 Power Distribution Unit (Mini Dual Redundant System)

The Central Box 100 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety. The Central Box has a unique design that provides overload protection at each servo output. The Central Box can manage up to eight servos and fully supports the Jeti EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus) output can be connected at the same time to the Central Box for complete RF signal redundancy. 

With Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz DC/DS transmitters, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as an easy way to wirelessly configure the Servo Outputs, EX Telemetry, Fail-Safe Setting or Fast Servo Response.

– Control Management with Configurable Servo Output
– Power Distribution with Overload Protection
– Firmware Updatable via Jeti USB Adapter
– Jeti Duplex EX Bus or PPM Compatible
– Wirelessly Programmable Using DC/DS Tx Device Explorer
– Independent Receiver Signal Inputs (Rx 1, Rx 2)
– Up to 8x Servo Outputs with Overload Protection
– Up to 3x Telemetry Sensors Inputs
– Output Current: 10A Continues/90A Peak


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