But Can You Fly It?

Watch as Mathieu Effortlessly Launches the Ultra 3.5

Watch as Mathieu, from Opale Paramodels, demonstrates how easy it is to launch the Ultra 3.5 Aerobatic High Performance Paramodel equipped with pilot XL Mike with auxiliary motor kit.

Ultra 3.5 Performance Wing

Read the step-by-step procedure Opale Paramodels prepared on how to nail that perfect, easy, take off:

1. Prepare like a classic paramotor take-off.

2. Inflate your kite and guide straight ahead.

3. Give it a good tug towards yourself and wait for the model to stabilize. Then start the engine and take off.

Remember: Make sure the blades have stopped spinning before you land! A good tip is to apply a throttle cut switch to ensure the blades stop turning.

Silent, powerful, versatile, this kit with a wingspan of more than 5m is perfect for pilots wishing to progress” – Opale Paramodels

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We’ve Got It From Here!

James gets down and dirty with the Opale Paramotor Trike XL – so you don’t have to!

No time? Lack of tools? Or just don’t want to do it? No problem – we have got you covered with our store building services! Check out this most recent build of the Opale Paramotor Trike XL James completed for a customer.

Learn more about the Trike XL here.

Building Services may be applied as a stand alone option or selected while purchasing a combo package.

New Opale Paramotor Oxy 0.5/1.3m Combo Package w/Backpack XXS3 Available!

The Oxy 0.5 is our indoor and no wind gem. This is the perfect paramotor for those long winters where you are limited to indoor flying. The Oxy 0.5 is also great for the dawn and dusk flights when the wind has quieted down in your favorite small park or greenspace. This is a great entry into the world of para-motors but is not limited to the beginner as it is a capable aerobatic performer.

The XXS3 paramotor chassis is designed for pilots who want maximum versatility, with one of the smallest RC paramotor frames in the world. Compared to the XXS2 version, this new generation includes many new improvements. Better protection of the propeller thanks to a 5-point shroud, large battery pack compartment allowing flexible usage of large battery packs and more strength in the arms, thanks to space for a larger, heavy-duty servos.

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Brand New Opale Split 1.6 Paraglider Wing In Stock Now!

The Split 1.6 Paraglider wing has a midway separation  between the leading edge and the trailing edge. The first 50% are double surface, naturally pressurized with the airspeed of the wing and the remaining 50% are single surface, facilitating takeoff in a few steps, simple and easy, accessible to anybody.

The double surface leading edge provides a better penetration into the air (low angles of attack), but it is also designed to generate an higher internal pressure, offering the best ever passive security.

The use of the Speedbar (accelerator) has also been optimized. 5cm to 7cm can be reached, we can get significant speed gains, without having frontal collapses.

Ladies and Gents, Steven Has Arrived!

Steven, the RC Skydiver by Opale has officially landed!

Taking full advantage of the latest innovations issued from the development of our RC paramotor models and the partnership with the European champions of this RC discipline, the Skydiver Steven as a unique design allowing to push the boundaries of the RC Skydiving leading to better performances.

Thanks to the composite materials and a thoroughly and optimized assembly, the weight in order to fly of the skydiver (including the parachute), is only 1100gr. This low weight allows you to perform smooth and extremely accurate landings. But you can also easily weigh it down during strong weather conditions. The legs are cleverly assembled with silent blocks to absorb the shocks of (most) landings, and providing also different positions of the legs during free falls or when the parachute is deployed. These possibilities enable an extreme steadiness during free falls and was verified during wind-tunnel tests.

Two colors, Blue and Orange, are offered when choosing your Skydiver.


  •  Low Sinkrate
  • High speed
  • A-line Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Backwards Flying


  • Wingspan: 1.65m
  • Flat Area: 1.5m^2
  • Length: 45cm
  • Empty Mass: 850g
  • Materials: Glass Fiber; Polyurethane resin and foam; PU Nylon; Stainless Steel;  Aluminum

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*Information and text taken from Opale Paramodels.