COVID19 is No Match for Esprit!

Hi, all! This Coronavirus hasn’t wiped us out! We are still answering phones and shipping out orders.

If you’re self-isolating now may be the best opportunity to catch up on your latest build or repair a model or two. We are here to facilitate and assist with your questions.

Enjoy this photo of the latest addition to the Esprit Team (we’ve got 5!). Stay safe and happy flying! 👍😀

Jeti USA and Esprit Tech Livestream Returns March 12, 2020!

We apologize, due to unforeseen circumstances there won’t be a livestream this week.

However, next week James will be talking about the Jeti Main Switch and using the Jeti Wireless Switch Expander for multiple devices, along with a discussion on Logical Switches and his views on the state of the hobby. We have gotten a lot of questions lately on these topics, especially logical switches, so you’ll definitely want to tune in!

Let us know what you’d like to see in future episodes by going HERE!

Tune in, Thursday March 12, 2020 14:00 EST HERE!

Esprit Tech & Jeti USA YouTube Livestream! Episode 3: Jeti Central Box 100/210/220/400

This week James will be talking about Jeti Central Box power and signal distribution devices and doing some live setup examples.  He will cover multiple applications for the Central Boxes and when you should or shouldn’t choose to add one to your model.  He will also clear up a couple of issues from episode one of our live stream on Assist receivers.   If you are on the fence about purchasing one of these great products or are having trouble with your own Assist setup, you’ll definitely want to tune in this week.

Tune in Thursday 2pm EST, HERE!

Servo Telemetry & Current Overload Protection using Central Box 220 & Ditex Telemetry Servos.

The Jeti Central Box 220 with current overload protection provides complete power management of your servos in a case of failure or emergency. In a case of an accident, Jeti CB220 cuts off power to the damaged servo and prevents the system from overloading or the receiver battery from over-discharging. Ditex digital telemetry servos provide unparalleled real time telemetry and full Jeti system integration.

Another awesome off-the-shelf plug in solution that significantly enhances the safety of your model.

Get it, HERE!


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Check out the awesome shots we got of our Pulsar Twin 3E Pro!

The Pulsar Twin 3E Pro is the latest addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes. Built at our request, this model is designed to hold an additional payload if needed and still give you Pulsar performance. The Pulsar Twin 3E Pro model uses the same AG25 modified airfoil designed by Dr. Mark Drela as the other 3m and larger Pulsars. Just like its smaller cousins, the entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques.

The wing is a balsa built-up Carbon Fiber and Kevlar D-box design that utilizes carbon fiber faced balsa ribs and carbon fiber trailing edge. The open section of the wing, as well as the tail parts, are covered with UltraCote. The fuselage is made of gel-coated 2.4GHz friendly fiberglass/Kevlar with a carbon fiber tapered boom and removable fiberglass nosecone. The three piece wing and double boom conventional tail are each easily removable for transport and storage.

The servos for the rudders and elevator servos install in the vertical fins. The careful use of composites, combined with an underlying wood structure in the wing, ensures a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. This is an extremely light, high performance model.

Virtually perfect, very well made and extremely clean. One of the most advanced addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes.

Get it HERE.