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Saul Levin’s Aeronaut Volksplane VP-1

Meet Saul! Saul is building an Aeronaut Volksplane VP-1, a scale version of the Evans VP-1 Volksplane. The Volksplane VP-1 is an aircraft with an interesting history. Designed in 1966, it was meant to be of simple design and construction, yet safe and fun to fly (Bayerl et al. 2011). It was constructed of marine grade plywood, had detachable wings (Tacke et al. 2015), and was powered by a modified VW Beetle automotive engine (Lart, 1974).

The Volksplane was designed with the common pilot in mind. It had more of a DIY feel, and was quite popular amongst home builders. According to the Wikipedia entry, construction was “according to some home builders, almost like building a “giant model aircraft”” (Evans VP-1, 2022).

Saul has decided to build the Aeronaut Volksplane VP-1 scale model for a very special reason – it will be raffled off at Joe Nall 2024, and all the proceeds will go to Triple Tree Aerodrome! If any of you have had a chance to go to Triple Tree, you know just how special of a place it is, and how important it is to the aviation community – RC and full scale. A little birdy has also shared with us that there may be a very special 75% scale project being built along side of this 40% RC model. Keep an eye on our blog for information about that project.

In the meanwhile, head on over to Saul’s YouTube channel (Plane Fun RC) @planefunrc, subscribe, and watch along as he builds this Volksplane VP-1!


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Photo Credit:,_The_Netherlands,_03_October_2004.jpg

Check out the CARF Rebel Max and Rebel Hot

We wanted to share these pictures of the Rebel Max and Rebel Hot from CARF.  Check out the amazingly clean Jeti install in the Rebel Max.  It features a Jeti Central Box 200 with the RC Switch and RSat2 receivers (we recommend R3/RSW receivers for US customers) running through a Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro gyro system.  

If you happen to be at Jet Power 2019, stop by the CARF booth and take a closer look for yourself.

Stop Killing Your Model, Eliminate Connector Harming Flash!

The Jeti Model AFC connectors eliminate the flashes often witnessed when connecting controllers (ESCs) and battery packs. Available in 4mm, 5.5mm and 8mm variants the female plug supports a SMD resistor that does away with the usual flash that occurs during connection and can harm the surface of both the male and female plugs. The set contains two male, single female and an AFC female connectors together with red and black shrink wrap. 

Replace your existing connectors or install inline between your existing connector and speed controller for eliminating connecting flash spark.