Best Use of Small Spaces

How To Install a Gear-boxed Motor in Your Hotliner

Check out this motor and ESC installation we finished! This beautiful hotliner was in need of some decent equipment, but space was clearly an issue. To solve that problem, we direct soldered the Jeti Phasor Motor and Jeti Mezon ESC with an inline configuration. This type of soldering job allowed us to keep the motor and ESC in a straight line, and close to each other, leaving room for the batteries. Check it out below!

A Perfect Combo!

Still Pylon Racer and Jeti DS-12

The Still is a great introduction to the world of pylon racers. While it is not quite as intimidating as some of the fully hollow molded racers, it is stable and easy for the intermediate pilot to handle. Using the recommended brushless setup, the Still launches with just a toss and immediately climbs up and away. The airplane is a fast model with plenty of power – and what better to control it with than a Jeti setup!

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Still Pylon Racer and DS-12