Introducing the Hacker Ditex EL Line. The Most Affordable Ditex Servos Ever!

These servos are brand new on the market. Never before have we seen such powerful and thoughtful craftsmanship for such an affordable price.

Don’t mistake their low-cost for low-quality!! These are extremely capable servos able to hold their own against hardware at three times the price!

Starting at just $23, the Hacker EL line features ultra-efficient Coreless motors, soft start, all metal gearing, aluminum case, low current consumption and constant output power. They are the perfect match for almost any pilot’s needs.

Read up on their specs below and start shopping here.

Let’s Compare Esprit Elite 35 Vs. Extreme Xpwr 35 Motors

We know that it can be hard to compare motors from two different companies, but using Jeti Telemetry systems it was a breeze. These are not identical motors at all, but numbers are very close.

The major differences are in rotor pole count, telemetry sensors and overall dimensions. The Elite motor has 14 poles and the Xpwr has 28, this allows you to run Elite with virtually any ESC. Weight is also very close with the Xpwr weighing 775g and the Elite weighing 825g with Jeti Telemetry sensors installed.

We have performed bench tests with a Fiala 21×10 propeller and 12S 5000mAh battery packs.
Elite 35: 94A, 7470rpm
Xpwr 35: 98A, 7440rpm

Note: Xpwr 35 Motor has NO Temperature Sensor Installed
(Transmitter Screenshot Displays ESC Temperature/Jeti Spin Pro 99)

Introducing Brand New Esprit Elite 30/35/40/50/60cc 12S Heavy Duty Outrunner Brushless Motors with Integrated Jeti Telemetry (2600W – 6250W)!!!

Esprit Elite 30cc E50/200 (12S/2600W)
Esprit Elite 35cc E50/220 (12S/3700W)
Esprit Elite 40cc E50/210 (12S/4000W)
Esprit Elite 50cc E50/215 (12S/5750W)
Esprit Elite 60cc E50/195 (12S/6250W)

Elite 30cc, 12S, 20×8, 56A, 7000rpm, 2600W

Elite 35cc, 12S, 20×8, 80A, 8150rpm, 3700W

Elite 40cc, 12S, 21×10, 85A, 7350rpm, 4000W

Elite 50cc, 12S, 23×10, 125A, 7200rpm, 5750W

Elite 60cc, 12S, 26×10, 125A, 6000rpm, 6000W


Jeti Telemetry Sensor Fuel Flow MFlow2

Jeti Telemetry Fuel Flow MFlow2 T and G EX digital flow sensors measure the true fuel flow of gasoline or turbine jet fuel.

The Jeti MFlow2 EX sensor allows you to set your “Low/High Fuel” alarms and gives you accurate reading of fuel consumption. Also allows you to setup remote commands for transmitter wireless value reset. Turbine flow sensor is equipped with Festo 4mm fuel line connectors. Gasoline sensor can be used with Medium 3/32″ (2.4mm), Large 1/8″ (3.2mm) ID fuel tubing.

Through the Duplex 2.4GHz system and either a JetiBox Profi or Jeti Transmitter you can monitor your data and alarm conditions in real time. Make sure that in the Devices folder of your SD card you have a configuration file “MFLOW2.bin”. 

Flow Rate: 20 to 800 ml/minute with 2% resolution
Operational Voltage: 5V to 8.4V
Dimensions: 75mm x 40mm x 30mm
Weight: 40g
Alarms: Programmable with JetiBox, JetiBox Mini and JetiBox Profi

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Looking For Power?

We have got some set-up suggestions! Check out what you can do with the new Esprit Motors!

E105/20-135 3D HD Outrunner Brushless Motor 

E105/20 HD Series
105/20 – 135
Kv (rpm/V)135
Max Power (W)8500W
Max Amp (15sec)180A
Max Efficiency95%
Io (No load A)4.4A
Rm (Resistance)0.0218Ohm
Shaft Diameter10mm
Motor Diameter119mm
Motor Length83.5mm
Motor Weight1850g
Built in FanYes
Max Rpm7,000
ESC Timing20-25 deg
ESC Switching Freq.8kHz
Model typeMotorControllerBatteryPropPower/A/RPM
Aerobatic/3D105/20-135Jeti Spin Pro 1257000 12S Li-poly30×10 Fiala4350W/98A/4900
Scale 45 lbs./20kg105/20-135Jeti Spin Pro 2007000 12S Li-poly32×10 Fiala5350W/120A/4700
Aerobatic 100-120cc105/20-135Jeti Spin Pro 2007000 14S Li-poly28×12 Fiala6750W/130A/5500

E105/30-125 3D HD Outrunner Brushelss Motor

E105/30 HD Series
105/30 – 125
Kv (rpm/V)125
Max Power (W)9800W
Max Amp (15sec)200A
Max Efficiency95%
Io (No load A)5.7A
Rm (Resistance)0.0161Ohm
Shaft Diameter10mm
Motor Diameter119mm
Motor Length93.5mm
Motor Weight2400g
Built in FanYes
Max Rpm7,000
ESC Timing20-25 deg
ESC Switching Freq.8kHz
Model typeMotorControllerBatteryPropPower/A/RPM
Scale/Sport105/30-125Jeti Spin Pro 2007000 12S Li-poly32×12 Fiala5350W/120A/4400
Scale 66 lbs./30kg105/30-125Jeti Spin Pro 2007000 14S Li-poly32×10 Fiala7000W/135A/5150
Scale 77 lbs./35kg105/30-125Jeti Spin Pro 2007000 14S Li-poly32×12 Fiala7350W/142A/4850
Aerobatic 150-200cc105/30-125Jeti Spin Pro 3007000 15S Li-poly32×12 Fiala8900W/160A/5000