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Jeti Capri Blue DC-24 Transmitter

Ask about Jeti Custom Transmitters! We just got in this beautiful Capri Blue Jeti DC-24 for a customer. Call us today and see what we can make happen for you! Custom DC-24 Capri Blue $2295.00.

*Phone Number 1(321)729-4287

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“One Day of RC Skydiving” by Opale Paramodels

Whether you participate in competitions, jump in a club, or jump alone the RC parachute Steven will make you enjoy this funny hobby like never before. The control is so smooth and reliable that it will allow you to accurately land in the target circle which is the goal of many competitors.

Check out Opale RC Skydiver Steven in ACTION in the video below!

A Pulsar Upgrade That You Will Love!

Check out this sweet upgrade our guys did on this Pulsar tail! A simple swap from the typical wire linkage for a heavy duty ball link linage will go a long way! We now have a much more secure and sturdy linkage, and lets face it, you wouldn’t want to lose control on these beautiful airframes!

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right…

Experience the best! Upgrade your Radian XL with our AXi Radian XL Power Package! If you have the best little airplane, why not fly it with the best power system! This power upgrade includes an AXi Sailplane Motor, Jeti Advance ESC, Aeronaut CAM folding spinner and propeller set up, and a Jeti battery.  Check it out!

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Do You Have Esprit/Jeti Spirit?!?

We want to see it! Upload your favorite photo showcasing your “Jeti Spirit” to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to walk off with a $25 gift certificate.  Share it with your friends to gain more votes! The upload with the highest number of votes on the 30th of each month will win!

Head on over to our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win!

*Jeti USA and Esprit Tech have the right to terminate this promotion at any time.

R3 REX 900MHz Will Start Shipping!

We would like to announce that on October 13th 2017, the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada, Granted Equipment Authorization (FCC), and Certificate of Acceptance (IC) to Jeti USA (Esprit Model Inc.) for the Jeti R3 REX 900MHz Receiver.

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Introducing The Pulsar 2E Ultra Lite

The brand new Pulsar 2E Ultra Lite has been developed as a much improved follower of very successful Pulsar 2000 M. The wing is a built-up Balsa/Ply D-box design that utilizes classic balsa ribs and spare construction. The Hand-built wing and tail parts are covered with Ultracote. Fuselage is made of gel-coated fiberglass with kevlar reinforcement. All control surfaces come fully pre-hinged with Kevlar tape. This fully built electric sailplane needs only basic assembly. Pulsar has been built to minimize weight and maximize strength. The careful use of composites combined with an underlying wood structure in the wing ensures a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. This synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual in a production sailplane and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction. This is extremely light competition model. We have found the Pulsar to be an excellent light lift performer.

Read more in the link below for specific details!

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Coming Soon from AXi – The 5360 and 5345 Series

Introducing our newest addition to AXi 3D Extreme series brushelss Motors, the 5345 and 5360 Series. These motors offer integrated telemetry and the special steel shaft – providing that extra strength you need for all your extreme flights! Prices will start around $345.00 for the 5345 and $390.00 for the 5360. Check out the specs below!

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Ready For E-Week!

We are all good to go – now that we have the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 to help keep us going out on the field! We will be at Triple Tree Aerodrome for E-Week Friday September 29th and Saturday September 30th.  Stop by and check out the brand new DS-24 Transmitter in all it’s glory! See you there.

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The Beauty Of Albatros

Watch the Albatros soar in all its glory!

The Albatros 3S/E is one of the most beautiful combinations of classic design and modern technology. The nostalgic shape is perfectly blended with modern building techniques to create an electric sailplane that performs as well as it looks. The white gel-coated fiberglass fuselage combined with high-tech CF main spare/leading edge tube wing and carbon/balsa built up tail parts come together to make the Albatros a strong and light model. Do not be fooled by the its retro looks. This model was designed and built to be a 21st century favorite. With its flap equipped, 3 piece wing and full flying elevator the Albatros is one of the most impressive models that we have seen in quite some time. Each part is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail. As soon as you open the box, you will find the Top Model build quality that we have come to expect.

We offer this guy in a Store Display (RX-R Ready) Model, or ARF. Check it out.

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