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Esprit Tech is Getting an Updated Look

Trends come and go.  Old gets boring. This is a fact. So, after years of staring at the same old website design, we have decided its time to update our look! Over the next few weeks, you will see our website changing. Do not worry, your browser is not having a panic attack. What your seeing is the new look. Check out some examples of the new look down below!


Stars & Stripes Wing Coming Soon From Opale

What would be better than a RC Skydiver soaring through the bright blue summer sky, showing off its breathtaking red, white, and blue wing? Yea, we don’t know either! Check out what is to come from Opale Paramodels. We are so excited, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

And The Winner Is…

It’s that time! Tune in now to our Facebook Live broadcast to find out who happens to walk away one DS-24 Racing Green Transmitter richer!

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Ready To Fly – Super Sport 2.35

Check out Ian’s Super Sport 2.35. He has is flying season ready and is set for his maiden flight next week! Good Luck with your flight Ian!

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Save Big On BavarianDemon

For a limited time, Save 15% On BavarianDemon Axon and Cortex Pro!

The BavarianDEMON CORTEX is a stabilization system for fix wing model aircraft. And hence an absolute world first in this form. The new brain and heart of your high-quality aircraft – immediately ready to run. The CORTEX does not require any PC or additional software settings – unless it is desired.
The AXON will convince with its ultra-precise flight control, latest 32-bit technology, up to 3 bank sets, intelligent vibration analysis and, for all who do not want to miss a single thing, now including a governor function for electric and gaser/nitro. Moreover the AXON is compatible with all common analog and digital serial Tx/Rx protocols. This innovative technology, available to all RC pilots out there, comes in a brand new X-housing made of fire-red aluminum. It all simply feels great, and in the twinkling of an eye you will find yourself on a new level of performance.

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Florida Jets Quickly Approaching

Come join us next week at Florida Jets! We will be on location in Lakeland, Florida, with many other vendors, pilots, and spectators. Don’t miss out on the thrills of these amazing jets in the beautiful Florida weather!

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Florida Jets is brought to us by Frank Tiano Enterprises.


Build Your Favorite Kit with E*Star

Looking for a last minute build project? Take advantage of the E*Star Models. Imported from Korea, these kits easy to build, and made from ECOblasa and recycled materials! With over ten models to chose from, there is bound to be something to spark your interest!

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Expected Any Day Now – Samsara 3.2E Electric Sailplane!!!

One of the most impressive European made sailplanes that we have ever seen. The brand new competition F5J/ALES Samsara 3.2E flies as good as it looks. Gentle, smooth, and very long flights are the standards for this beauty. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. The synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual in a production sailplane and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction. The entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. Top Model uses the latest construction techniques such as CNC milling and laser cutting. The wings as well as horizontal and vertical tail parts are all classic balsa, built-up, D-box, rib/main spare design. The fuselage is gel-coated fiberglass with white finish. Whole model is covered with Ultracote. All control surfaces are hinged with adhesive tape. This fully built sailplane needs only basic assembly and motor/radio installation. The 3-piece wing and full flying stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. Each part is carefully hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Value is simply incredible.

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Pair Your Favorite Top Model Airplane with an Axi Motor!

Couple the beautiful craftsmanship of the Top Model name with the efficiency and power of an AXi!

We have looked high and low for the best motors to place in our in-house builds, but now the search is over. We have compared performance between several manufacturers and AXi hit every requirement. When you look at any of our Top Model aircraft, you will see our suggested setup for the ultimate experience there on the page. The best part is we can find an AXi motor for a very wide range of setups! Make it one step easier (and save some doe) with our AXi Power Packages. These packages are already prepared based on wing size or watt range and contain everything you need.

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

The Samsara White 3.2 Electric Sailplane

Suggested Equipment:

  • AXi Cyclone 46/760
  • Jeti Advance 70 Pro SB ESC
  • 3300 3S battery
  • HS-85MG servo (ailerons, flaps)
  • MKS Ds6100 servo (rudder, elevator)



The Albatros 2.4 Electric Sailplane

Suggested Equipment:

  • AXi 2820/12
  • Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB ESC
  • 2700 3S battery
  • HS-65HB servo (ailerons)
  •  HS-65MG servo (flaps)
  • HS-85BB servo (rudder, elevator)


The Discus 2a Deluxe Scale Sailplane

Direct Power Upgrade:

  • AXi 4120/18
  • Jeti Spin Pro 80 ESC
  • 5000 5S battery


Top Model is Almost Here!

Our Top Model shipment is almost here! Check out another great model you will see arriving – The Indian V.

Top Model describes the Indian V as a “Performance electric sailplane for sports and (competition) flying.”

This V-Tail model offers a thin wing airfoil and a lightweight frame. Its large wing area allows for calm and steady gliding. For easy transportation and storage the wing breaks down into two pieces. Internally the wing is designed using a balsa D-box framework. With the large fiberglass fuselage, there is plenty of space for all your components to fir nicely.  The beautiful carbon fiber tail boom matches nice to its fiberglass fuselage. Control surfaces include ailerons, flaps, and tail. (5 Channels)


  • Wingspan: 1960mm
  • Length: 1095
  • Weight: 650 – 750g
  • Wing Area: 32dm^2
  • Wing Loading: 20.3 – 23.5g/dm^2
  • Airfoil: MH32

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