Jeti Telemetry Sensor Hall Effect Magnetic ON/OFF Position

Our new Magnetic ON/OFF Position Sensor will allow you to trigger events based on the True/False signal sent to your Jeti receiver. This is especially important in applications like gear doors, Up and Go systems for sailplanes, and scale features like opening canopies or gear doors. You will install the magnet on the moving side of your opening and the sensor on the fixed side; allowing you to know when it is closed or open. This signal can then be used in logical switching to prevent accidents from occurring. Imagine a safety lockout that prevents your gear from raising/lowering unless the doors are opened first.

Multiple Position Sensors can be linked in a serial configuration and sent to a single input to signal a True/False condition for a set of doors. A True signal is only achieved when all of the sensors are in agreement.

Jeti Model Factory Czech Republic

Have you visited the Jeti Model? Well our good friends Manny and Danny had the opportunity to see inside and hang out with our friends at Jeti this week on their trip to the Czech Republic.

Gernot Bruckmann at Jet Power Event

The 2018 JetPower Event in Donauwörth-Genderkingen is less than 24 hours away. Esprit Model is proudly cheering on Gernot Bruckmann and other fellow pilots as they compete this weekend.  Looks like a fun filled weekend is ahead for all of them.


Here are just a few posts from Gernot as he prepares. Follow him on Facebook.…rnot/posts/1997939820249214

Gernot Bruckmann to Fly The Tucson Aerobatic Shootout

Follow Gernot Bruckmann as he prepares for the Tuscon Aerobatic Shootout!

The Tucson Aerobatic Shootout will be held this year, October 17th – 21nd in Tucson, Arizona.  TIMPA is located just outside of Tucson at 3250 N Reservation Rd and gates will be open to the public. Admission for spectating is $5 per person with a maximum of $10 per car. Food vendors will be on site so come by and watch the best pilots from around the world compete for $100,000 in cash and prizes. The best days for spectators is during the freestyle rounds held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Taken from

Gernot’s recent Facebook post on September 7, 2018 read:

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Easy 3-Step Process of Designing 2500W Power Package Using Jeti System

Easy 3-Step Process of Designing 2500W Power Package Using Jeti System

Introducing the brand new 180mph (290 km/h) addition to Esprit Tech’s Demo fleet. The Yuri Virchenko’s full composite X-Plus Hotliner/Pylon Racer combined with direct drive Neu 1415/3D motor, Jeti 3300 6S battery, MKS HV6130 digital servos and new Jeti Mezon Pro 80 programmable ESC which gives you transmitter wireless programming capabilities and full telemetry with instant data logging. This will give the thrill that we have been looking for.

Our Easy 3-Step Process:
1. Install Jeti Equipment
2. Turn On, Look at the Data
3. Get a Cold One


Opale Power 2.7/3.67m Paramotor at Beautiful Greg Arnette’s Area 51 RC Flying Field

Designed with the easy handling that you have come to expect from an Opale single skin wing, the Power 2.7 is naturally gifted when it comes to dancing with the wind. During the first soaring flights, facing a 35km/h wind and lightly ballasted, we were very surprised by the high efficiency of this wing. The wing cuts lines through the wind like a sushi chef cutting a Maki roll with his knife. Under power, in combination with a Backpack L and a Lucas Pilot, the wing did not flinch and the handling was just as precise.

Wingspan : 144.5″ (3670mm)
Wing area : 2.7 sg.m
Wing cells : 27
Aspect ratio : 5
Suggested power : 900W – 1000W (5000 6S)
Max propeller size : 12″ – 13″ (305mm – 330mm)
Recommended flying weight : 14 lbs. (6350g)
Visit our website link below to purchase yours today!

Jets Over Kentucky 2018

Mephisto, Cortex, Jeti & Markus Rummer at Weston Park 2018

Markus Rummer with CARF’s Trust Vectoring Mephisto 3D Aerobatic Jet, BavarianDemon Cortex Pro Stabilization and Jeti DS-24 Radio System performs mind blowing 3D aerobatic routine at the Weston Park 2018 RC show in UK.


New Updates Are Roiling Out

New fresh update is rolling out all over our website. We are making continuous improvements to provide you with the best possible service. If something doesn’t looks right please refresh your browser and we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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