Elite Quality Control Tests

All ESCs Tested Rigorously

Esprit Tech stands behind the quality of the products we sell. That is why quality control checks are important to us. At MAV Sense, all Elite Falcon Electronic Speed Controls are factory tested and must pass quality checks before they are shipped out. Each and every ESC undergoes a full spectrum calibration before leaving the manufacturer. The speed controls must pass quality checks in regard to voltage, amperage, used capacity, and temperature. Once these requirements are met, the ESC’s are then able to be shipped to their final destinations.

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Falcon Firmware Update 2.01

Heli/Governor Mode

The recent 2.01 Firmware updates for the Falcon Line of ESC’s now include a Heli/Governor mode! The speed controllers contain a fast and precise governor function. With many parameters available to program, you are able to precisely dial in the settings for your specific needs.

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Elite Falcon ESC Fan Configuration

Automatic Fan Control Connection

The Elite Falcon Electronic Speed Controllers 145/200/220 contains a driven output for the external fan (5V, up to 300mA). It is activated as soon as the controller temperature reaches 55°C. Take a look at the diagram below to see how it is properly connected.

Note: If the pins are misaligned, a result of the fan spinning backwards (connected one pin over) or the fan running continuously (connector is upside down) will occur.

Paraglider Motor Kit In-Stock

Auxiliary Motor Kit for Mike XL is Now Available

Introducing the newest addition to our Paramotor line – the paramotor auxiliary motor kit by Opale! Never fear the return of your Paramotor during slope or thermal flying when this Auxiliary Motor Kit is near.

With the use of the Opale auxiliary motor and spinner/prop assembly, you can regain altitude while still operating your pilot in optimal free flight conditions. This kit is very efficient allowing you to operate it on a very small battery pack. The lack of a large prop ring and backpack frame maintain the clean paragliding profile of the pilot.

This kit can also be used to launch the model for flying sites where slope is not available.

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75% Scale Volksplane

A Joe Nall Community Build

Do you remember back in March we wrote about Saul Levin’s Aeronaut Volksplane VP-1 model – the one that is to be raffled off at Joe Nall 2024? If not check it out here. Saul is building that particular model to coincide with the Joe Nall Fly-In community build.

Well, we thought it only fitting to follow up with the community project that was started at Joe Nall this year, and is to be finished next year at Joe Nall. The community build is a project that anyone can join in to build. There is no time or skill level requirement to build, the only requirement is that you have fun!

This year the build is a 75% Scale Volksplane. The final project is also to be finished and raffled off at Joe Nall 2024 – so you will have to check back next year to see the build complete!

Check out this great video posted on Saul’s YouTube Channel Plane Fun RC.

Our Newest Team Members

We Grew by Two!

We have gained two new employees! Our unofficial company birds – a few Sandhill Cranes – have become parents to two more offspring. Welcome Pepe and Pipi! It is such a joy to come to work and see these little, fluffy guys (even though they won’t stay little for very long). The addition of these two, there are four other Sandhill Cranes living on/around the grounds. In about three months time, these colts will be several feet tall, and by eighteen months, they will have reached adult size.

Steven Build Complete

Steven is Ready to Take to The Skies

James just finished up another successful build, this time of the Opale Skydiver Steven. Check out some of these photos of the process!

Check out the complete line of Opale Paramodels.

New Addition To Falcon Line

Elite Falcon 145HV/SB – Kind of a BIG Deal!

We are excited to announce another addition to the already fantastic line of Falcon ESCs. The Elite Falcon 145HV/SB is an electronic speed controller with integrated telemetry (Jeti EX, HoTT, S.Bus2, PB) and a 15 amp BEC. In the lab, the Falcon 145HV has been pushed to its max. Test results showed it could withstand an electric current of up to 200 amps – this thing is nearly indestructible! These guys can also support a 12S battery set up.

We expect the Falcon 145HV to join our product lune around late June.

Yuri Composites Virus

Small Mods – Big Impact

We decided to have some fun and get creative with our Virus (not that it needed it) by Yuri Virchenko. Some modifications we made include the installation of an aluminum firewall, the addition of custom antenna exits, and utilization of the 90 degree multiplex wing harness. The outside was spruced up with some custom carbon-look adhesive vinyl and a RFM offset spinner with RFM carbon fiber blades.