75% Scale Volksplane

A Joe Nall Community Build

Do you remember back in March we wrote about Saul Levin’s Aeronaut Volksplane VP-1 model – the one that is to be raffled off at Joe Nall 2024? If not check it out here. Saul is building that particular model to coincide with the Joe Nall Fly-In community build.

Well, we thought it only fitting to follow up with the community project that was started at Joe Nall this year, and is to be finished next year at Joe Nall. The community build is a project that anyone can join in to build. There is no time or skill level requirement to build, the only requirement is that you have fun!

This year the build is a 75% Scale Volksplane. The final project is also to be finished and raffled off at Joe Nall 2024 – so you will have to check back next year to see the build complete!

Check out this great video posted on Saul’s YouTube Channel Plane Fun RC.