How is Jeti RF Link Performing in Carbon Fiber 1650W Installation?

Let’s have a look at our latest addition to our demo fleet. The RF 2.4GHz link in full Carbon Fiber 2m Virage hotliner with Jeti equipment tightly installed in the fuselage and 6S 3300mAh battery pack is performing flawlessly. Speed over 150 mph (240km/h) and height over 1200 feet (365m) and not a single problem for Jeti RC system.  

RC & Telemetry System:
Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti R7 REX 2.4GHz Receiver
Jeti Mezon Pro 80 Brushless ESC w/Telemetry

Dream Team, Carbon Jeti DS-16 G2 w/Carbon Fiber Virage Hotliner Just Landed!!!

Wingspan: 2000mm (79”)
Length: 1245mm (49”)

Power w/Telemetry:
Jeti Phasor 2026/2D 6.7:1 Brushless Motor
Jeti Mezon Pro 80 Brushless ESC
RFM 16×16 CF Folding Propeller
Jeti Pro Power 3300mAh 6S Battery Pack

RC & Telemetry System:
Jeti DS-16 G2 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti R7 REX 2.4GHz Receiver
KST HS08-A Servo (Flaps, Ailerons)
KST X06-H Servo (Elevator)

Brilliant Solution for Carrying, Storing & Protecting Your Sailplanes

Brilliant Solution for Carrying, Storing & Protecting Your Investment Introducing Elite S/M or L Line of Universal Sailplane Carrying Bags

$165.00 Bag S/M              39” x 12” x 4” (1000 x 310 x 100mm)
$215.00 Bag L                   55” x 17” x 6.5” (1400 x 430 x 170mm)

Brilliant Solution for Carrying, Storing & Protecting Your Investment Introducing Elite XL Universal Sailplane Carrying Bag with Shoulder Straps Easily Carry and Store Large or XL Sailplanes

$255.00 Bag XL  62” x 14” x 6.5” (1570 x 360 x 160mm)

Let Model DG-600 Scale Sailplane w/Power Pod Launching System

The Let Model is well known throughout Europe for their excellent craftsmanship and this model is another excellent example. Scale, full composite DG-600 comes with many of the “custom” details like the tow release in the nose, the scale retractable landing gear with working doors, tail wheel, the full cockpit with instrument panels, and the canopy with scale-like hatch latches and sliding vents. For operation simplicity we have added scale like power pod pylon with brushless motor and folding spinner/propeller assembly. The power system is fully monitored using Jeti telemetry sensors.

With its fiberglass fuselage and carbon fiber reinforced, hollow molded wings the 1/3 scale DG-600 can handle full day of soaring as well as complete aerobatic routine. The careful use of composites creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.

DG-600 17m (1/3 Scale)
Wingspan: 5.67m (223”)
Length: 2.28m (89.5”)
Weight: 15.45kg (34 lbs.)

Power w/Telemetry:
Sailplane Power Pod Launching System
AXi 4130/20 Brushless Motor
Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto Brushless ESC
RFM 16×10 CF White Folding Propeller
Jeti Pro Power 4000mAh 8S Battery Packs (2x 4S)

RC & Telemetry System:
Jeti DS-24 2.4GHz/900MHz Transmitter
Jeti Central Box 220 Power Distribution Unit
Jeti R3/RSW 2.4GHz Receivers (Primary Rx)
Jeti R3 REX 900MHz Receiver (Backup Rx)
Jeti R3/RSW 2.4GHz Receivers (Wireless Switch)
Jeti SBEC 30 Voltage Regulator w/Telemetry
Jeti 2100mAh 6.6V LiFe Battery (Backup Power)
Jeti MUI 150 Voltage/Current/Capacity Sensor
Jeti MVario2 Variometer

Elite AMS Competition Altitude Motor Switch, Variometer & Altimeter w/Optional Telemetry for Limited Altitude Electric Sailplane Soaring Categories (FAI F5J Approved)!!!

Get yours, HERE!

The Altitude Motor Switch (AMS) is a versatile device suitable for several competition categories where the altitude or motor run time shall be limited. It can be used also as a standalone variometer. The sensor is usually connected between the receiver throttle channel and the appropriate signal input of the electronic speed controller.

The AMS contains a sensitive barometric altimeter/variometer which uses the latest MEMS technology to achieve a high level of accuracy, while preserving miniature dimensions. The sensor is able to detect changes in atmospheric pressure to indicate the change of altitude with resolution 0.1m. Using the integrated high power cables you can directly power the receiver and servos through the AMS from a BEC circuit of the speed controller.

Specifications and Features
– Supported Protocols: Jeti EX, Multiplex M-LINK, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2
– Accurate measurement of absolute/relative altitude and climb/sink rate.
– Automatic detection of serial bus data and telemetry after startup.
– Configurable alarms on altitude and climb rate and motor shutdown altitude.
– FAI F5J, ALES, LMR: Limited altitude electric soaring categories supported (See .pdf manual for details).