Opale Ultra 3.5 In Action

Beautiful Flight, Beautiful Sunset

Watch this beautiful video of Mathieu of Opale Paramodels flying the beautiful Opale Ultra 3.5 Aerobatic Wing along the coast at sunset!

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After a beautiful summer day, a short evening flight along the beach with the Ultra 3.5. As in the previous videos, the Ultra 3.5 demonstrates smoothness and performance, a real treat for demanding pilots. In this light configuration, a single 4S 5000mAh battery, guaranteeing, as in the previous video, more than 40min of motor autonomy.

– Opale Paramodels (YouTube Video Text)

Watch below!

But Can You Fly It?

Watch as Mathieu Effortlessly Launches the Ultra 3.5

Watch as Mathieu, from Opale Paramodels, demonstrates how easy it is to launch the Ultra 3.5 Aerobatic High Performance Paramodel equipped with pilot XL Mike with auxiliary motor kit.

Ultra 3.5 Performance Wing

Read the step-by-step procedure Opale Paramodels prepared on how to nail that perfect, easy, take off:

1. Prepare like a classic paramotor take-off.

2. Inflate your kite and guide straight ahead.

3. Give it a good tug towards yourself and wait for the model to stabilize. Then start the engine and take off.

Remember: Make sure the blades have stopped spinning before you land! A good tip is to apply a throttle cut switch to ensure the blades stop turning.

Silent, powerful, versatile, this kit with a wingspan of more than 5m is perfect for pilots wishing to progress” – Opale Paramodels

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