Upgraded Landing Gear

Check out the newest design in landing gear from Opale! the new landing gear set turns your Backpack M3 into a Trike for touch and go landings from smooth grass or pavement. It will give a more scale appearance to your Hybrid 1.8 or Power 1.1 combo. Made from durable steel, this set is sure to add to your flying fun for a long time.

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Store Display Pulsar 4E Pro Compact

We have two beautiful Pulsar 4E Pro Compact Versions up for sale. These Pulsars offer a two piece fuselage and a 4 piece wing for easy transport and storage. Check them out below. We have a RES and a REF version expertly built and ready to go!

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Merry Christmas!

Thank you to all of our clients we have had the opportunity to do business with. We greatly appreciate working directly with each and every one of you. Without business partners and supporters like you, Esprit Tech and Jeti USA would not be the industry leaders we are today. We are very proud to be your favorite Hobby Shop and the place that makes your Dreams Come True. With your continued support and cooperation our future looks brighter than ever.

We are always looking for a fellow pilots, hobbyist, and partners who would like to contribute and improve Esprit Tech’s legacy. Ok that’s enough, Let’s Go Flying!

Thank you, Lucy Blaha
CEO, Esprit Tech & Jeti USA

New – Opale Backpack M3 Servo Holder

The Backpack M3 Servo Holder is designed to easily transform your paramotor to the APV (Aerial Photography and Video) or FPV (First Person View) vehicle offering large space for your equipment, cameras or any other payload. Take a look.

Ready for simple bolt-on installation to the Backpack M3, hardware and servos are included.

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We Know How To Rock The Office Party!

Let’s face it, one of the best things about work and the holidays is the Office Christmas Party. Full of gluttonous eating and drinking, questionable dance moves, and great times, Esprit Tech and Jeti USA sure know how to throw a party no one can forget….(or remember.) Check out a bit of this years set up!

AXi Testing – What A Fun Job!

We have been spending much of our time at the testing bench this last week! Busy with the AXi 5630 HD, we have tested several different propellers, and have been quite impressed!

Pilot Ben – Soon To Be Crowd Favorite

When it came time to design a pilot for Opale’s new Backpack M3, they knew that they were going to need to start from the ground up. The mechanical constraints, resistance of the materials, and the pilots behavior take on a whole new dimension when its being designed to handle a 2-3m wings.

A pilot this realistic requires a harness with the same quality standards. The geometry has been optimized to achieve that highest possible pilot flexibility with the most convenient installation methods. All of the straps are easily unclipped, making installation of Ben much easier than ever before. You can equipped Ben pilot with optional Speedbar function that allows you to slightly adjust the leading edge of the wing by pulling the A lines of the risers. This changes the angle of attack of the wing and allows temporary improvements in wind penetration.

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Last Chance For Free Shipping

Today is the LAST day to utilize free shipping and still have it arrive in time for Santa! Get your order in before its too late!

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* Shipping time frame not guaranteed unless shipped via expedited, guaranteed service. Additional charges apply.

It’s That Time Again – 2017 Christmas Give Away!!!

From the today to the 31st, one lucky customer a day will win a prize! Entry is simple, make a purchase on esprittech.com and you are entered into the drawing. No sale is too little for a chance to win! Winners are selected at random and announced on our Facebook page!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Esprit Tech and Jeti USA want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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