Another AXi Addition!

Coming soon to our line of AXi Motors – the new 2217 F5J with 4mm shaft! Take a look.

Gentlemen, Choose Your Weapon…

Or at least your color! Jeti DS-24 Colors have come in from Jeti Model. The colors we have are listed below:

Jeti Duplex DS-24 Standard Titanium $1895.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Titanium $1995.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Burnt Orange $2095.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Red Wine $2095.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Dark Blue $2095.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Dark Green $2095.00
Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Painted Black $2095.00

Jeti DS-24 Transmitters are still open for Pre-Orders. Get your order in before the price goes up.

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Look For Us on The Field

We are all packed and headed to SEFF. Look for us on the field, just follow the yellow flags – and don’t forget to get your hands on our Jeti Test Drive!

Count Down To SEFF

With every minute that passes by we get closer and closer to heading over to the Southeast Electric Flight Festival hosted by the Fayette Flyers of Georgia…. And that means it is almost time for theĀ  official Jeti Test Drive field test! Check out the gallery below for a sneak peak of what you will see!

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New Folding Propeller Adapter Assembly

Specifically developed for electric pusher applications of UAV, FPV or scale/sport airplanes where crossing blades on start-up can be catastrophic. Fiberglass blade stopper uses aluminum yoke for support and securely locks on the 5mm motor shaft. Combo comes with Fiberglass Blade Stopper, 5/8mm (M8) Prop Shaft Adapter and 38/8mm Aluminum Yoke.

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Maiden Flight From a Different Point of View

Here’s a cool video from one of our customers Dimitrios! Check out his Maiden Flight on his Yak 130 1/4 JL kit in First Person View.

Ready To Roll Out!

The Jeti Test Drive program takes it up one more notch with our mobile station. Take a look at what you will see out in the field!!!

Jack’s Zirolo P51

Our customer, Jack, sent in this great picture of his recently finished Ziroli P51; powered by Kolm and controlled by Jeti. Take a look!

Why Jeti Radios Are Awesome

What makes Jeti your favorite? For some, like Brandon Chew, it’s the cool start up features!

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Drone Wars: A TV Show That Has Got Us Excited!!!

RC Group’s Editor, and Jeti pilot, Jason Cole had an amazing opportunity. Last year he was chosen to partake in a reality television show where brain power gets you to the end!

“Drone Wars is a series of challenges that puts pilots and engineers to the test. Teams of two must design and create the ultimate flying machine to conquer ever changing obstacles and win points to avoid being knocked out of the competition. Jason Cole was a great addition to the show and fun to work with!” States producer Jon Perkins.

Read more about the show in the Full Story Link.

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