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Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Central Box 200 & Jeti Wireless Switch

Follow along as James takes you through the ins and outs of the Jeti Central Box 200 and Wireless Switch.


Fall In Love With Jeti – Test Drive It!

Not sure if the Jeti Transmitter is something for you? Take it for a test drive! Our new program rolled out earlier this month allows you to try out the Jeti Transmitter for 2 weeks. Watch the video below for more details.

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Video Release: A Closer Look: Axi Cyclone, Long, and Sailplane Brushless Motors

Get a closer at the new line of Axi Long and Axi Cyclone motors and see why these are your next must-have.


Tom And The Oxy 5 Take To The Skies

Check out this video of the Opale Oxy 5.0 and Tom backpack XL! Thanks JC for the amazing footage.

“This thing is addictive” – JC


Video Release – A Little Afternoon Fun

Jeti DS-14/16 Radio System Test Drive

Are you on the fence about making the switch to Jeti?  Don’t know a Jeti pilot in your area?  Now there is a way to get your hands on a Jeti DS radio to decide for yourself.  With only a refundable deposit, you can test drive a Jeti DS-14 or DS-16 at your home field.  After speaking to a Jeti representative and placing a deposit order, a radio and receiver will be sent to you for a two week trial period.  This gives you the opportunity to install it in a plane and decide for yourself if Jeti is for you.

Here is a great video we made to answer the basic questions about the program. Have a look.

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Christmas Elves Hard at Work….

Or are they? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Esprit Tech.

Video Release – Jeti Transmitter Gyros & Accelerometers (What The Hell Are They For?)

We have gotten many questions about what the Gyro and Accelerometer feature provides, so we have decided to give you a quick video explaining this. For more detailed information about setting them up, please check out Basic Programing videos.

Video Release – Hybrid 3.0 Opale Paramodels

Take a look at this amazing video of the Opale Hybrid 3.0 Paramodel.

Flying wild: A magic video of the Hybrid 3.0 in the Alps.

Thanks Mr Captain


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Video Release – Advanced Programming: V-Tail Mixing

This quick video goes over the V-tail mixing for the sailplane and scale pilots. This set up takes you through a model set up, allowing you to become familiar with the menus and and how they work.


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