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Hats Are Back In-Stock!

We just got in our newest hats! Check out these beautifully embroidered Sport-Tek Dry Zone hats, available in gold, black, and red. With moisture-wicking performance you will just love! Sold in Esprit Tech (gold only) and Jeti USA options.


  • Fabric: 91% Nylon 9% cotton twill
  • Structure: Structured
  • Profile: Mid
  • Closure: Hook and loop back


Side Back Height – 6 9/16″

Inside Circumference – 22 3/8″

Bill Length – 2 15/16″

Width of Front Panel – 8″


More Choices From AXi Now Available

The AXi 8112 3D 3D Extreme and AXi 8120 3D Extreme Motors are now available! The 3D Extreme line offers direct integration with Jeti Telemetry! Check out the charts below for motor specs! Pricing starts at $425.00, with two different Kv options each!

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8112 3D Series
Kv (rpm/V) 215 165
Max Power (W) 2800W 3000W
Max Amp (15sec) 85A 75A
Max Efficiency 95% 95%
Io (No load A) ?A ?A
Rm (Resistance) ?Ohm ?Ohm
Shaft Diameter 8mm 8mm
Gearbox N/A N/A
Motor Diameter 87mm 87mm
Motor Length 34.5mm 34.5mm
Motor Weight 530g 530g
Built in Fan Yes Yes
Max Rpm 9,000 9,000
Poles 36 36
Case Outrunner Outrunner
ESC Timing 25 deg 25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz 8kHz


8120 3D Series
Kv (rpm/V) 190 140
Max Power (W) ?W ?W
Max Amp (15sec) 95A 95A
Max Efficiency 95% 95%
Io (No load A) ?A ?A
Rm (Resistance) ?Ohm ?Ohm
Shaft Diameter 8mm 8mm
Gearbox N/A N/A
Motor Diameter 87mm 87mm
Motor Length 42.5mm 42.5mm
Motor Weight ?g ?g
Built in Fan Yes Yes
Max Rpm 9,000 9,000
Poles 36 36
Case Outrunner Outrunner
ESC Timing 25 deg 25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz 8kHz

The Falcon 12 Has Arrived!

The Graupner Falcon 12 sets a new standard for flight controllers. The Falcon 12 is an airplane stabilizer, flybarless helicopter controller and multi-rotor controller all in one compact package that includes also real-time telemetry and a long-range receiver! Read more about it below.

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AXi’s Radian XL Motor is Back!

AXi’s Radian XL Motor is back! Specially designed to fit inside the Radian XL’s fuselage, this is a must-have upgrade! Packed with the power, efficiency, and quality of  any AXi motor, the 2826/12-30 Sailplane Brushless Motor with long shaft by AXi is sure to take your level of fun one step higher.

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2826 Outrunner Series
Kv (rpm/V) 760
Max Power (W) 655W
Max Amp (15sec) 45A
Max Efficiency 86%
Io (No load A) 1.3A
Rm (Resistance) 0.062Ohm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Gearbox N/A
Motor Diameter 35mm
Motor Length 57.5mm
Motor Weight 179g
Built in Fan Yes
Max Rpm 18,000
Poles 14
Case Outrunner
ESC Timing 20-25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz

5 Things Every Modeler Needs

Now that flying season is coming to a close, modelers are heading to their benches, starting their projects for next year. The million dollar question is, what will I need?  Well, we thought about this long and hard, and realized that there are many basics that one shouldn’t be without. Read on to find out what our builders deemed most important.

1. The Dremel

 One thing most molders find themselves doing a lot of is “Milling and Drilling”, and the proper tool can take this from a daunting task to a delightful project.  We find that the MultiPro Cordless Rotary tool from Dremel works wonders.  This two speed drill is great for almost any project, and coupled with the Flex Shaft Attachment, there is no place you can’t reach.  Of course, don’t forget your basic tips such as the tapered carbine cutters, a cutting wheel, your sanding drums, and replacement sanding bands.

Coming Soon – Jeti and Esprit Tech Decals

Now you can rep your favorite brands! These die-cut decals add that finishing touch to any aircraft or transmitter. Available in three sizes, and two color options. Check it out.

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New Jeti LiFe Receiver Packs

Jeti USA has added LiFe batteries to their ever expanding line of batteries. The new LiFe batteries allow for a less expensive alternative to the Li-Poly receiver batteries. These guys currently range from $10 – $20, are offered in four milliamp per hour capacities, and if ordered by 1pm eastern time will ship the same day!

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Custom Mounts by AXi

Are you having a hard time finding a mount to fit your AXi needs? Well, AXi solved that problem with their custom mounts! These guys are designed to fit the AXi 28xx, 41xx, or 53xx size motors. With them, you pick your front and back plate, and then you choose the size rods to fit your needs. The rods range in size from 20mm to 80mm depending on your series motor. Take a closer look in the link below.

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Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program

We get it. Changing systems can be a daunting and an expensive task. That’s why we are here to help. Take advantage of Jeti USA’s Trade In – Trade Up Program. All of us here are so convinced that you will love the Jeti System, we will even help you switch over. To do that, we are going to buy back your current Futaba, or Spektrum/JR*DSMX receiver at 50% – that is HALF – of current retail value.

Here is how it works:

Send us (with the RMA form found at the link below) your current model receiver and a brief note letting us know it is for the Trade Up Program. Once we receive it here, we will test it. After testing you will be issued a Gift Certificate of half current retail price for you to use on your Jeti receiver purchase. You can find the RMA form here: RETURNS

Eligible receivers: AR12120, AR12020, 9310, 9110, 9020, 8000, 6210, 610, 400
Eligible receivers: Futaba R2006, R2008SB, R6008/6014HS, R617FS, R6206SBW, R6208SB, R7003/7008SB

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any receiver. Must be current model and in clean/working condition.

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National Aviation Day 2017

Today is National Aviation Day! How will you celebrate Aviation? In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an entire day to the development of aviation. August 19th, the date picked by Roosevelt was decided upon because it is Orville Wright’s (of the Wright Brothers) birthday. Their contributions to flight set the foundation to Aviation as we know it.

So, grab your Jeti (or whatever you may fly), your favorite model, and go give aviation one – or two – giant thumbs up!

Here are some more ideas on how to celebrate by NASA.

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