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New Polaron Wireless Module

New from Graupner – The Polaron Wireless Communication Module!

Control your Polaron EX, Polaron EX-1400 or Polaron PRO charger using the Graupner wireless LAN module with your Smartphone or Tablet. All functions such as charging, storage and battery profile can be easily set using your mobile device after establishing a connection.

Battery profiles can be attached to barcodes or created using the downloadable QR-Code generator. Simply scan your battery, confirm charging and your batteries will automatically charge.

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More Goodies from AXi!!!

In addition to the new Sailplane Motors, AXi has added two new Cyclone Motors! There will be the addition of sizes 480 (350W) and 550(500W) in two different KV options. The prices will range from $80.00 to $85.00.

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Arriving Soon – AXi’s 2826/12-30 Sailplane Motor

AXI’s special Radian XL Motor is on its way! These motors were specifically designed with the Radian XL pilot in mind. AXi’s special motor gives you the flexibility of a motor that will fit with in the fuselage restraints, but with the quality you know and love! Order yours today and we will ship it the same day thy arrive (expected mid July).

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Need A Custom Prop?

No Problem! We can get it! Take a look at these props that just came in for a customer. They are both all black, 36×14 and 34×14 Gas Propellers by Fiala. For questions about availability just ask us!

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New Additions To AXi Sailplane Motors

We are happy to announce that two new sizes will be added to our line of Axi Sailplane Motors! Check out the new AXi 550 2220/12 & 2220/20 motors. They are expected to sell for $75.00 each.

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New From Jeti – MRPM HALL Sensor

The Jeti Duplex MRPM HALL sensor provides RPM and power level readings using magnetic Hall Effect and rare earth magnet. The MRPM HALL sensor measures the rotation speed and performance of the rotating surface and provides warnings when pre-set parameters are exceeded. All information is transmitted in real time using Jeti Duplex telemetry system. Read more below.

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New Ditex Servos From Jeti

Our demonstration board came just in time for Joe Nall 2017. Take a look at the new Jeti Ditex Servos. These servos will offer built in telemetry that can be read in real time via your Jeti Transmitter.

New In All Jeti DS-14 Transmitters – Multi-Mode Gimbals

All new Jeti DS-14 Basic and DS-14 Diablo Transmitters will be shipping out with new Multi-Mode Gimbals. For those of you with older versions, you can easily upgrade your gimbals if you choose.

Take a look!

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Another AXi Addition!

Coming soon to our line of AXi Motors – the new 2217 F5J with 4mm shaft! Take a look.

Back Again – ZAP Glue!

This building season, get the glue that matters – ZAP Glue. The only total adhesive system for ALL your needs. Available in multiple types and sizes!

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