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Another AXi Addition!

Coming soon to our line of AXi Motors – the new 2217 F5J with 4mm shaft! Take a look.

Back Again – ZAP Glue!

This building season, get the glue that matters – ZAP Glue. The only total adhesive system for ALL your needs. Available in multiple types and sizes!

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BOGO!!! Free Axi Brushless Motor!!!

Buy any In-Stock Pulsar 3.2E or 3.6E and receive a free matching AXi Cyclone Inrunner/Outrunner Brushless Motor FREE! See our newsletter for details: Newsletter

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New Jeti RX with Assist

Check out the new Jeti receiver with Assist in action on the Jeti DC-24 Transmitter.

AXi Universal Motor Mounts

Create exactly what you need for your install- simply choose your front/back plate combo and then select your rods by size.  AXi Universal Motor Mounts are available in three sizes!

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AXi Cyclone Motors IN-STOCK

AXi’s line of Cyclone brushless motors are now available! This new design of In-runner/Out-runner motors offer an extremely high level of efficiency with extra durability and is particularly suited for use in electric sailplanes and hotliner, largely due to the low installation profile coupled with a direct plug-in power connection at the rear of the motor. An aluminum cooling fan, triple ball bearing support and a 5mm hardened steel shaft, running inside precision cut, lightweight, aluminum cases, are just a few of the new features of this design. Get yours below.

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Great ESC’s with an Even Better Price!

Prices have dropped on the Jeti Advance Pro line of ESC’s!

Jeti makes one of the easiest to use brushless motor controllers with the most features. It is very easy for you to set up the different functions. The controllers automatically detect the number and type of batteries to set the low voltage motor cutoff point even for Lithium batteries.

Take a look at what they offer:

  • – Very smooth throttle response
  • – Superb operation with OUTRUNNER motors
  • – Safety cutoff
  • – High frequency brake with non linear hard or limited braking action
  • – Self-calibrating
  • – Automatic motor cutoff
  • – These can be easily programmed

Go to the link below to get yours!

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No Fuss HD Servo Power Connectors!

Emcotec’s revolutionary PWC Heavy Duty servo power connectors ensure an easy, secure, positive snap-click  servo connection for multiple servos.


  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Heavy duty locking, vibration safe connection
  • Up to 11A continues current
  • No soldering necessary
  • Easy installation

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New Power Packages Added

Take advantage of our power packages and save 10%! We have just added two more to the line including an 800W and 1000W package. Check them out.

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New From Emcotec – Safety Power Switch SPS 34V 100/200A Drone w/Pin Switch

It was designed as a primary switch for turning on and off the main battery for your drone without having to physically disconnect the battery.


  • Max Input Voltage 34V (8S)
  • Min Input Voltage – 6V (2S)
  • Current Consumption – 25mAh
  • Output Current – 100A Continues/200A Peak
  • Dimensions – 65mm x 30mm x 10mm
  • Weight – 45g

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*Additional Switch Actuators are available.

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