Perks of Registering as a User

We all have been there, we check out at a website and then it asks you to create an account, but do you do it? Here is why we think you should.

When you create a register user on our site, you can access your order tracking information. There are many times when the tracking emails get sent to spam or junk. With the ability to log in, you can check status of your order and any tracking information associated with it.

Return/Warranty information at the tips of your fingers! Being able to log in to your account will allow you access to past orders. Here you can verify purchase date if you need to return or file a warranty claim.

In addition to important dates, have access to past orders helps you locate model information. Let’s say you need a spinner replacement, but do not remember what size you purchased. With a simple search of your past orders, it is possible to find what size your ordered in the past and purchase a replacement!

So, while it may seem as though creating an account with us lacks benefits, we hope you can see it is well worth it!

Create your account now!

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