RealFlight G6.5 RC Flight Simulator

On RealFlight 6.5, new pilots learn real flying skills without risk. Pros can perfect their maneuvers 24/7. Flight performance is A+ accurate and along with a huge variety of training and orientation aids, you enjoy unlimited customizing of aircraft and flying sites; exciting night flying, obstacle courses and water takeoffs; even game-style combat events with Multiplayer capability using your internet connection. These features have already made RealFlight the world’s #1 R/C flight sim.

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Spectacular physics for helis and airplanes

Realism is in the details — and in RealFlight 6.5, attention to hundreds of small details has produced the most accurate and realistic aircraft performance found in a simulator today






See more — with TrueView!

TrueView offers the visual impact of full-spectrum daylight, making everything on RealFlight appear the way it would on a day at the field. Colors are brighter, truer and more intense. Contrasts are sharper, not only at the extreme of black and white, but between shades of the same color. Details stand out as never before; canopies are transparent and better defined by reflected light. In the cockpit, TrueView reveals the intricate complexity of an instrument panel more with new clarity.

PT CF E-Extreme Lite Propellers

PT Electric Lite high performance propellers from the Czech Republic feature hollow molded blades fabricated from unidirectional and bi-directional carbon fiber and epoxy. The Carbon Extreme Lite line of propellers is 40-45% lighter that standard electric propellers.

Extreme strength and extra lightweight molded Carbon Fiber construction reduces rotating mass for less drag and more efficiency.

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PT Propellers Electric Carbon Fiber
Propeller Size/Weight
PT Electric Prop 20 x 8L 34g
PT Electric Prop 20 x 12L 38g
PT Electric Prop 20 x 12WL 42g
PT Electric Prop 20 x 13L 38g
PT Electric Prop 20 x 15L 38g
PT Electric Prop 20.5 x 14L 40g
PT Electric Prop 21 x 12WL 42g
PT Electric Prop 21 x 13L 40g
PT Electric Prop 21 x 14L 40g
PT Electric Prop 22 x 10L 42g
PT Electric Prop 22 x 12L 42g



Calypso 1.85E EPP (ARF/Rx-R/RTF), IN STOCK

Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso excels as a first electric sailplane. Ailerons are included for enjoying a wide envelope of soaring performance, and by adding optional flaps experienced glider pilots can easily move up.

Two versions RTF, Rx-R come with all servos and factory-installed brushless power system. RFT version adds Tactic SLT 2.4GHz radio system, 1300mAh 3S battery pack and AC/DC Li-polymer charger. There’s also an ARF version available for those who want to equip the Calypso with their choice of radio and motor. All require only a screwdriver for final assembly with no gluing and can be flight-ready in 30 minutes!

We are Fully STOCKED UP on all Models and Spare Parts!!!!

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FCC Update DC-16, R11/9/7 & JetiBox Profi

We would like to announce major step towards FCC certification. As of October 24, 2012 we have finished all required tests and officially filed documentation for FCC certification of DC-16 transmitter, R11/9/7, R6/6i receivers and JetiBox Profi.

As of now we are expecting to be officially ready to start selling and fully supporting Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz products on the US market in next 7-14 days.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all customers who stayed with us and keep supporting us during these difficult times.

Esprit Model/Jeti USA Team

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