Calypso 1.85E EPP (ARF/Rx-R/RTF), IN STOCK

Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso excels as a first electric sailplane. Ailerons are included for enjoying a wide envelope of soaring performance, and by adding optional flaps experienced glider pilots can easily move up.

Two versions RTF, Rx-R come with all servos and factory-installed brushless power system. RFT version adds Tactic SLT 2.4GHz radio system, 1300mAh 3S battery pack and AC/DC Li-polymer charger. There’s also an ARF version available for those who want to equip the Calypso with their choice of radio and motor. All require only a screwdriver for final assembly with no gluing and can be flight-ready in 30 minutes!

We are Fully STOCKED UP on all Models and Spare Parts!!!!

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