New Jeti Spin Pro 80/100/160A SHED ESCs w/5A BEC

Finally we have excellent solution for narrow fuselages. After talking for past 3 month with Jeti engineers. We just received, brand new Jeti Spin Pro 80A, 100A, 160A SHED (Slim/Hotliner/Electric Ducted Fan) slim design ESCs. They are all good up to 8S with 5A/5.5V switching BEC, fully programmable, with built in data logger and very narrow, 27mm wide architecture. Also street price is very competitive and as you know all Jeti products have 2 years warranty and 50% replacement policy.

Jeti Spin 80    $120.00
Jeti Spin 100 $135.00
Jeti Spin 160 $175.00

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New Jeti Duplex R6L/R6i/R5L/R5i 2.4GHz Receivers

Brand new Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz R6L, R6i, R5L and R5i receivers just showed up. All of them are Full Range with Built-In Telemetry. The R6i and R5i are recommend to be used for smaller Parkflyers/Indoor models and 450-Size Helicopters due to short 50mm antenna.

Jeti R5 receivers were developed as classic 5-Channel receivers with additional auxiliary port to be used as add-on to R18, R14, R11, R9, R7 receivers (Plugged to the SAT Port). Sort of sat/remote/auxiliary receivers. With R5L and R5i you have two receivers in one, this is an excellent value.

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With Jeti Duplex DS-16 “You Are the Master”

Check out our newest introductory video of the Jeti Duplex DS-16 Radio. You are going to see few samples of Telemetry, Voice Announcements and Software Updates. We even set up the system that it will literally worship you, check out the 1:50 of the video. The DS-16 is ready to serve: “Good morning master, I am Jeti DS-16 and I am ready to serve You”

We made it possible using “Text-To-Speech” engine.

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Jeti Duplex DS-16 is Finalized

Looks like we have settled all the details. Final version of the Jeti Duplex DS-16 is even better than expected. For better reception we have decided to go with two RF modules and three antennas. One of the modules has 2x antennas, this way all broadcasting angles are covered. The LCD case is made of smooth black plastic, this way there are no shielded spots.

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Creating of Custom Audio Files, Custom Voice Announcements!!!

Voices and audio samples are generated using online Text-To-Speech engines.
All files are free for general use; distribution and modifications are allowed.
If you are going to use these samples in your own application or want to create
other additional sound files, please refer to the websites and terms of use of
these generators.

Read file on you DC-16 sd card \Voice\Voices.txt

Language: CZ
Voice: Eliska

Language: EN
Voice: Jennifer

Language: DE
Voice: Marlene

Language: FR
Voice: Celine