DS-14 – It’s Official

We proudly announce the finalization of FCC Certification on the Jeti Duplex DS-14! We hope to start shipping as soon as next week. If you don’t already have yours, Pre-Order it now!

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Meet Richard Bohn

Richard Bohn has been flying pattern planes since the late 70’s. After nearly a 30 year hiatus he decided to return to the joyful art of RC aircraft in 2013. Still flying pattern, Rich entered into a competition in December 2013. There he won the Sportsman category. His recent win has inspired him to move forward in the competition world, trying his hand at Intermediate. 2014 has so far yielded Rich two competitions, a 1st and 3rd place trophy, and a goal. “I’m looking forward to mounting a winning regional/nation campaign this year!” declares Rich. Good luck Rich and welcome to Jeti USA!

Bohn Jeti Mug Shot

Mostro Unleashed

Avant Pilots are putting the Mostro to the test! It’s almost time! Who’s ready?

New Jeti Momentary Button Switch

It’s finally here! Check out this new momentary push button switch from Jeti! Now there are even more ways to customize your Jeti Transmitter. Available for Jeti DS and DC Transmitters.

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Momentary Button Switch

Hot Off The Press

Check out this week’s newsletter for great Easter Savings!

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Demon Meet Joe

Jeti USA Pilot Joe Smith demonstrates the power of the BavarianDEMON Cortex stabilization system. Check it out!

Team Pilot David Soufer Shows It Off

Below is Team Pilot David Soufer pictured with his Ultra Bandit. This beauty is fully equipped with Jeti electronics and a Jetcat P300. David has chosen to run a Central Box 200 and three R3 receivers, one being used as a remote switch. In the future, David plans to add an MSpeed EX sensor and control the flaps via the new 3.0 Transmitter software.

Pilot David Soufer

New Graupner Chargers AC/DC

Check out these awesome chargers from Graupner! Some of the new additions include:
AC/DC and AC/DC Sport  (ONLY difference is the Sport has Black/White Screen)
Pro (14S/500W, 30W)   (Channel #2 Only for 1- 8 NiCD/NiMH cells)
EX (7S/400W x2)

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graupner-polaron-acdc-bkn graupner-polaron-acdc-on graupner-polaron-acdc-rn

Getting Low With Joe Smith At SEFF 2014

See what Jeti Team Pilot Joe Smith does in his free time!

Save $$$ On All Remaining Spektrum Radios, Receivers, and More!!!

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