Ready For E-Week!

We are all good to go – now that we have the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 to help keep us going out on the field! We will be at Triple Tree Aerodrome for E-Week Friday September 29th and Saturday September 30th.  Stop by and check out the brand new DS-24 Transmitter in all it’s glory! See you there.

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New Jeti LiFe Receiver Packs

Jeti USA has added LiFe batteries to their ever expanding line of batteries. The new LiFe batteries allow for a less expensive alternative to the Li-Poly receiver batteries. These guys currently range from $10 – $20, are offered in four milliamp per hour capacities, and if ordered by 1pm eastern time will ship the same day!

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Custom Mounts by AXi

Are you having a hard time finding a mount to fit your AXi needs? Well, AXi solved that problem with their custom mounts! These guys are designed to fit the AXi 28xx, 41xx, or 53xx size motors. With them, you pick your front and back plate, and then you choose the size rods to fit your needs. The rods range in size from 20mm to 80mm depending on your series motor. Take a closer look in the link below.

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The Beauty Of Albatros

Watch the Albatros soar in all its glory!

The Albatros 3S/E is one of the most beautiful combinations of classic design and modern technology. The nostalgic shape is perfectly blended with modern building techniques to create an electric sailplane that performs as well as it looks. The white gel-coated fiberglass fuselage combined with high-tech CF main spare/leading edge tube wing and carbon/balsa built up tail parts come together to make the Albatros a strong and light model. Do not be fooled by the its retro looks. This model was designed and built to be a 21st century favorite. With its flap equipped, 3 piece wing and full flying elevator the Albatros is one of the most impressive models that we have seen in quite some time. Each part is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail. As soon as you open the box, you will find the Top Model build quality that we have come to expect.

We offer this guy in a Store Display (RX-R Ready) Model, or ARF. Check it out.

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GIANT Scale Akrobat Special – Flown On Jeti

Take a look at this giant, and I mean GIANT scale Akrobat Special. This airplane is 58% Scale. It runs on a ZDZ 420CC twin cylinder inline engine. It weighs in at a whopping 216 pounds and has a wingspan of 14.75 feet!! Best part is, it is flown on Jeti equipment.

Check out the article from Model Airplane News below.

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*Video Credit to RCMediaWorld

Production Has Started!!!

We are happy to announce that production has started on the Jeti DS-24 transmitters! Get your name on the waiting list for 2017’s Best New RC Product* by pre-ordering yours today. We expect them to start shipping out very soon!

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*Jeti DS-24 and DC-24 rated “Best New RC Product” @ SEFF 2017.

Irma’s Aftermath and Clean Up

We have made it through the scary part, now it’s the hard part. Take a look at these photos of the Irma clean up from this week!

Opale’s Steven Gets Competitive!

Be aggressive, B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! Opale’s newest addition Steven, the RC Skydiver, made an appearance in August at the 36th Edition of the RC Skydiving German Championship – and did quite well!  Steven and the Hiesfelder Skyfighter team took home 1st place in the Accuracy Landing competition. In addition, to a group win, each member placed in individual rankings. Read more below.

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Hurricane Irma Update

We are back! As of today, Tuesday September 12th, 2017 we are up-and running as normal. Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Thank you,

Esprit Team and Jeti USA

Esprit’s YouTube Is Where It’s At!

If you need programming help, check out your one-stop Jeti school on Esprit Tech’s YouTube Channel. See tutorials ranging from Product Informational videos, to Advance Programming videos. Check it out!

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