Video Release – Jeti Transmitter Gyros & Accelerometers (What The Hell Are They For?)

We have gotten many questions about what the Gyro and Accelerometer feature provides, so we have decided to give you a quick video explaining this. For more detailed information about setting them up, please check out Basic Programing videos.

AXi Cyclone Motors Coming Soon!!!

Keep an eye on the site for the new Cyclone Motors from AXi, which are expected soon! This brand new line of lightweight inrunner/outrunner brushless motors come with pre-installed cooling fans and triple ball-bearing support. AXi’s Cyclone electric motors are particularly suited for use in electric powered gliders due to low installation profile.

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Bigger Office…or Smaller Plane?

Yea, we chose office too. 🙂


Yard Work – The Esprit Way

Who says yard work can’t be enjoyable. Instead of dragging all our yard trash to the curb for someone else to deal with, we have a nice toasty bonfire….  Anyone got some marshmallows?

yardwork-1 yardwork-2 yardwork-3

Video Release – Hybrid 3.0 Opale Paramodels

Take a look at this amazing video of the Opale Hybrid 3.0 Paramodel.

Flying wild: A magic video of the Hybrid 3.0 in the Alps.

Thanks Mr Captain


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Can’t Win Them All…

Some people are never satisfied. We felt the need to share this customer rant with you… Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 🙂

Hello Esprit,

I ordered a box full of stuff yesterday morning around 10am and received it today at 3:30 pm…in perfect condition. I request that you cease this level of customer service immediately, it makes your competitors look very bad.


What can we say… We can’t please them all, or can we? 🙂 Thanks for your purchase John!

3d human with checkered flag at motion

No Fuss Shopping

Spent all weekend fighting the crowds? Shop great Cyber Monday deals right from your computer at home… you don’t even have to put pants on!

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Video Release – Advanced Programming: V-Tail Mixing

This quick video goes over the V-tail mixing for the sailplane and scale pilots. This set up takes you through a model set up, allowing you to become familiar with the menus and and how they work.


I Triple Dog Dare You!

Some Triple Dog Dares may not be such a great idea… but taking advantage of our great Black Friday Sale is! Save 10% on Opale and AXi V2 Motors, Free Jeti Products with qualifying purchases, and up to 85% off of select Helicopter products! Check it out in the newsletter below, go ahead…I triple Dog Dare You.

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‘A Christmas Story’

‘A Christmas Story’





Happy Turkey Day!!!

Thank you to all of you! We are very grateful to have you…and dessert… we are grateful for dessert! Happy Thanksgiving! Drop us a line of what you are thankful for in the comment section.


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