Video Release – A Closer Look: Emcotec DPSI Ampere Regulator & Redundant Switch

Watch as Kasi takes you through the Emcotec Ampere system and what the individual components have to offer.

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Video Release – Weekly Update

Find out what’s going on this week at Esprit Model!
Topics are: New inventory, Team Pilots, and More!

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Product Release – Spirit Flybarless System

Spirit is a device for stabilizing R/C models such as flybarless helicopters. Spirit features include electronic paddle simulation, vibration logging and support for various Tx/Rx types as well as a rudder gyro for those who want to continue using a mechanical flybar. Thanks to flybarless mechanics, the system improves efficiency and maneuverability of a helicopter and its stability while also extending flight times.

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Spirit #1 Spirit #2 Spirit

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!!

Brand new information released by Jeti USA!
Introducing the Revolutionary, Brand New, Jeti Duplex DC-24 2.4GHz Radio System with Color Display and Dual Haptic Feedback!!! The new Duplex DC-24 is Jeti’s new flagship, State-of-the-art, transmitter that sets a new standard for the RC Industry. The DC-24 with its brand new architecture features a Full Color Display, Dual Haptic (Vibration) Feedback for each of the gimbals and Full Resolution 24 Channel Logic.

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DC-24 Prototype DC-24 Prototype 2

Jeti RX Batteries Now Available!

Check out these new receiver batteries from Jeti USA. Each battery comes with a special plastic tray designed for easy installation of your  battery.

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From The Flight Line: Mohammad’s Thunder 3D

Take a look at Team Pilot Mohammad’s newest addition! His Thunder 3D shines brilliantly in the blue sky. Take a look at those beautiful green wing tips!

Thunder 3D (2) cThunder 3D c(4)Thunder 3D c

Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox Makes It Big!

Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox has made it into several popular media prints. You can articles about the bluetooth module featured in Fly RC, Heli Pilot, MultiRotor Pilot, as well as online at! Take a look!

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RCDriod Bluetooth Module (2)RCDriod Bluetooth Module

Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Duplex DS-14 Basic Transmitters

Take a closer look at what Jeti’s DS-14 Basic has to offer you.

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Video Release – Weekly Update: 01/21/2015

Stay up-to-date with Esprit Model and Jeti USA!

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EDF Self Launching System In Action – Part 3

Take a look at the last video in this 3 part series. The EDF Self Launching System launches this scale sailplane high, with hardly any effort!  For more information, Visit our “New Season 2015″ section on our website.

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