Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Switches & Stick Ends (Best Switch For My Jeti Radio)

Follow along to determine which switch or stick end would benefit you the best for your application. Kasi also takes you through installation and the steps to verify your install.

Virginia Is For Heli Lovers!

Come see us! We will be at the Heli Spring Fling today and tomorrow in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Get low with pilots Manny, Ugo, Justin, and Bert. See you soon!

Heli Sping Fling

Opale Hits RCGroups

Jim T from RCGroups just recently received his new Opale 1.8 Hybrid Paramotor and his new DS-14 Army transmitter, and you should see what he had to say! He even took some video in the field flying with Jason Cole!

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Spring Cleaning – Esprit Style

A large amount of land means this is how we spend down time!



The Two Stooges…

Move over Larry, Curly, Moe…. Danny and Manny are taking over. Take a look at our Opale Oxy 5 & Trike XL with Test Pilots Manny and Danny! This guy is equip with an AXi 5330/24, Mezon 90 Lite w/Telemetry ESC, 18×8 3-Blade Propeller and 12S 6600mAh battery packs! You should see her fly!

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Danny and Manny

Danny and Manny

Danny and Manny


A Little Help From My Friends

As the Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” And that’s just what the owner of this beautiful P-47 did! Catch this 144″ Wingspan plane, which weights about 120 lbs., this year at Top Gun. Team pilot Jim McEwen has been busy helping his buddy build dummy bombs to drop. Each bomb is about 2 feet long with a 6 inch diameter and are made out of foam and plastic. Oh boy, I bet the sound is amazing when they land!

*P47 pictured with Brian and Bonnie O’Meara 

image (1)


Coming Soon From Morse Aircraft Development!

Look what is coming soon! You aren’t going to want to skip on these amazing device holders from Morse Aircraft Development. They make for a beautiful and clean installation. Check it out.

MAD Jeti CB200 Holder

MAD Jeti CB200 Holder (3)

MAD Jeti CB200 Holder (2)

MAD Jeti RX Holder

MAD Jeti RX Holder (Back)

Video Release – Advanced Programing: Butterfly Mix

Watch as James takes you step by step through the programming to set up a butterfly mix.

Guess Somebody Is Excited!

Take a look at RCGroups very own Jim Graham as he gets ready to put his Opale 1.8 Paramotor up in the beautiful blue sky! It is set up with pilot Max and a M2 Backpack. What better to use with it than his brand new, fully loaded, DS-14 Army Edition!

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Jim and his Oplae

Southeast Regional Aerotow 2016

We are packing up and heading out to go fly at the Southeast Regional Aerotow at Hodges Hobbies in Georgia! Who’s in? Follow the Full Story for registration information and more.

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Southeast Regional Aerotow

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