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Building 1


Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Telemetry Turbine & EDF Applications

Watch the final installment video to see what telemetry devices James recommends for Turbine and EDF applications.


All That Glitters Is Gold

Wedding tradition says that for every year of marriage there is a specific theme to which your gift should follow. At 15 years, the traditional anniversary gift is crystal…. But come on, how practical is a crystal transmitter? For Hacker’s 15th Anniversary, Jeti Model presented them with a beautiful GOLDEN DC-24. Take a look! Click the full story link to see more from Hacker’s 15th Anniversary.

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GOLD DC-24 (2)

GOLD DC-24 (4)

GOLD DC-24 (3)


New Secraft 18MZ Transmitter Tray!

Designed specifically for the Futaba 18MZ. This design is the best we have ever seen. Your transmitter simply slides in and is held securely without any fancy or complicated fasteners. Also works very well as transmitter support stand while you are working on your models.

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Futaba 18MZ (1)

Futaba 18MZ (2)

Futaba 18MZ (3)


Now In-Stock!

They have arrived! AXi 4120 and 4130 series are now in stock! Take a look at these motors below.

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AXi 4120 30 1

AXi 4120 30 2

AXi 4120 30 3

New Hacker DITEX Servos

The new DITEX Servos by Hacker are all the buzz! These new servos have been integrated with the Jeti Transmitter Systems to allow for a real-time telemetry data feed.  Read what everyone has to say about them here: Jeti Forum. Click the full story below for more information from Hacker.

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DITEX Servos (2)

DITEX Servos (3)

DITEX Servos (1)


What do you get when you mix 1 part Jeti; 1 part AXi; and 1 part Paramotor Hybrid 1.8? FUN!!!

Beach Opale (1)

Beach Opale (3)

Beach Opale (2)

A Closer Look: Jeti Telemetry Sailplane & Powered Airplane Applications

Find out just what you may need when setting up your sailplane or powered airplane telemetry!


More From The Nuremberg Toy Fair

Here are a few more new and exciting things expected to come our way in 2016. Word of Jeti Servos, a DS-6 Transmitter, and Winter Gloves for the hand-held Transmitter versions are just a few of the tricks Jeti Model pulled out of their sleeve this year. Check it out!

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Winter Gloves

She’s Still Okay!

Well, it happened. Tuesday afternoon, we decided to do a little test flying with our new Opale Paramotor. Before we knew it, the paramotor decided she wanted to take the lead.. and that’s exactly what she did, right into a tree! Hey! It happens to the best of us right? But on the bright side, after a day stuck in a tree, she came out unscathed. 012816 - Opale Tree (2)

012816 - Opale Tree (1)

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