New Multimode CNC Gimbals!!!

Check out the new Multimode CNC gimbals for Jeti DS/DC radios. From now on we can easily setup radios to Mode 1 to 4 or multi-rotor Mode 5 (Both gimbals centered) with simple hex driver.

Note: At this time only new Carbon Jeti USA and DC/DS-24 are equipped with this type of gimbals.


Another Addition

Jeti USA is very pleased to announce our newest team pilot. Please welcome to the Jeti USA Team, Bert Kammerer! We are excited to be working directly with Mr. Kammerer and we can’t wait to see you on the field.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Take a look at this peek of our winter line! I think I feel a chill coming!

J794 Black-Graphite with LogosJ794 Black-Graphite Back with logos

Sit Back and Enjoy The Show…

…And please remember to silence your phones.


We Are Proud To Announce…

Introducing AXi Brushless Motors. These re-designed motors offer a 20% cooler, lighter, and more efficient motor.Check it out in the Full Story!

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AXi - 800x350



Do you love deals? Well so do we! Check out this BOGO on the Standbox’s. StandBox makes airplane transportation safer, whether riding in the car’s trunk or while carrying the plane with the help of the attached carrying straps. Thanks to its dependable and flexible construction, there is no need to worry about possible damage which could be done to the model airplane during transportation. Take a look!

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Nice and Clean…

Nothing tops off a top notch airplane like a top notch install. Take a look at this servo install Manny completed. Pay close attention to the way he installed the control horns. Doesn’t that look nice? Inquire with our building department for information on how we can help you.



A Taste of the Rainbow

Jeti DS-16 Carbon Color Transmitters are showing up! Get your Green, Yellow, or White transmitter before it’s gone. Quantities are limited.

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colors 4

colors 2

colors 3

Party Time!

It’s the month for Birthdays! Take a look at today’s birthday shenanigans! Happy Birthday Manny.





Website Changes

We have recently made some changes to our site. If anyone is having any issues loading our site, please clear your cache and reload the page. This should resolve any issues.  If you are still having trouble please reach out to us via phone at 321-729-4287. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you.
– Esprit Model Team

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