Photo Opp @ Warbirds Over The Rockies!

When manning the booth at a busy show, it is not always easy to get a bunch of beautiful photos, after all some of us have to work! So any quick moment to snap a photo is great opportunity for us. Take a look at the photos were able to get with team pilot Michael Middelton and the beautiful Miss Behave.



Sikorsky Ilya Muromets

Take a look at this beautiful 16’ (4.87m) wingspan, 1/6 scale Sikorsky Ilya Muromets bomber. It is powered by four AXI 4130/20 motors on Jeti Advance 77 Opto electronic speed controllers using four 6S 4500mah LiPo packs and swinging 16×8 XOAR scimitar props.  It is the largest flying model of the Ilya Muromets and one of only two in the world. Thanks Sal for the amazing in-flight photos!

BOGO Madness

Purchase One Standbox System, get one FREE! Take a advantage of this sale before we run out!

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Video Release: Bench Test – AXi 5230-370 and 5330-197 3D Extreme Motors

Take a look at the performance of these great AXi motors during our bench test. Featured in this video are the AXi 3D Extreme Motor 5320-370 series and the 5330-197 series.


And We Are Off!

Come see us at Warbirds Over The Rockies this weekend. Look for the Yellow!

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ATTENTION!!! DS-6 Is Ready!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! The Jeti DS-6 is now FCC Certified and available for sale!

Engineered to appeal to entry level sport pilots, the new Jeti USA DS-6 2.4GHz radio system has the features needed to fly almost any Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter, Paraglider, or Drone model. It can also be used as a student transmitter when bound to any of the existing Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz radio systems. One of the most attractive features of the DS-6 transmitter is its full integration with all Jeti Duplex telemetry sensors. You can easily observe different telemetry parameters in real-time, directly on the transmitter using the included JetiBox Mini. A generous 10 model memory and backlit LCD display set this radio apart from other economical systems, while programming remains easy and fully intuitive.

Check it out!

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New From Opale

Introducing the Fox RS 2.6 and Hybrid 3 wing.

The Fox RS 2.6 a high performance wing targeted towards intermediate and advanced pilots who desire a perfectly scale Paramotor or Paraglider with very high performance. With its 4m wingspan, it offers a scale aspect you have never seen in such a highly accessible model.

Following in the footsteps of the ultra successful Hybrid 1.8, the new Hybrid 3 is sure to be an instant favorite. Just like the 1.8, it features hybrid single and double surface construction for an easy to inflate, easy to launch wing. The aspect ratio has been increased to give you a better penetrating wing but it retains the stability that the Hybrid series is known for.

Take a look at these hot new additions from Opale.

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Video Release: AXi 3D Extreme Motors w/Jeti Integrated Telemetry

When you thought it couldn’t get any better…. It did!  Introducing the newest in motor technology. With hardened steel shafts, built in prop adapters, integrated cooling fans and pre-installed Jeti telemetry sensors this line of motors represents the highest level of quality.

Check Your Mail Boxes!

If you have Pre-Ordered your Jeti DC-24 keep and eye out. The first few batches have started shipping and should be arriving shortly. I was able to sneak in and snap some photos during the shipping prep stages. Check out what your transmitter goes through before it gets shipped!

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Maybe It’s Time To Get A Dog…

As the repair stop for Jeti USA products, we often open boxes of receivers for antenna repair, hey accidents happen, but one particular box gave us a good laugh. Attached to the broken antenna was a note the reads as follows: “Cat chewed on it, needs repair” and on the back side “(and new cat)”. At least this customer was able to make the best out of a bad situation. I can say with certainty that we can get your antenna issue resolved… but that cat, well your on your own for that! 🙂 Click below for our Antenna Repair Service.

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