Jordan’s New Pilot RC Edge 540 37.5%

Take a look at this beautiful Pilot RC Edge 540. It is running a DLE 120 engine, PowerBox Royal power distribution device, PowerBox Jet Dual smoke pumps, PowerBox Spark Switch, 3x PowerBox 2800mAh batteries, 2x R3 Receivers for UDI to PowerBox Royal, Jeti MT300, Jeti MT125, Jeti MGPS, Jeti MRPMAC, Jeti MFlow, and a Jeti MUI30. He operates all of this on his beautiful Jeti DS-16 transmitter, and here is why:

The Jeti system and telemetry is the only system I trust in my airplanes, whether it be turbine or prop driven. I have absolute faith in the radio and all of its components. I flew with another brand for 20 years, when I saw the options that Jeti had for telemetry and the Double Path system the choice was clear. I have never looked back (except to show guys what my radio does compared to theirs) awesome system! I do a lot of prototype testing and electronic systems testing and development and you can be sure I use Jeti to guide the aircraft, that is one element I know will work during testing.

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Video Release – Product Spotlight: Jeti Duplex DC-16 Carbon

Get an up-close look at the Jeti DC-16 Carbon Edition in this short video.


Video Release – Product Spotlight: Jeti Duplex DC-16

Get an up-close look at the Jeti Duplex DC-16 transmitter in this short video.


Coming Soon: Jeti Universal Switch Expander SW4

The Jeti Expander SW4 is an extension for magnetic and RC wireless switches and is designed for switching multiple devices on/off simultaneously. The Jeti Expander SW4 allows you to combine the switching duties so that several devices can be controlled using one only element. Furthermore, some outputs are optically isolated to prevent interference. This makes it is possible to isolate control of devices which may be sensitive to electric interference.

Now you can simultaneously turn ON/OFF your Central Box 200 and Power Main Switch using Jeti R3/RSW Wireless RC Switch.

Expander SW4



Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie Pilot

Welcome, to our newest, and tiniest pilot. I think he might just fit into that plane!

Ashleigh and pup 2

What a View…

Team Pilot Mohammed caught in action. Take a look at those colors!

Mohhamed flying

Way To Go!

Congrats to Team Pilot Michael Middleton on his wins at the Warbirds Over Rockies 2015. He took home Best WWII and Best Post War! Way to go Michael.

Michael Middleton - Warbirds Over Rockies 2015

Get your Jeti Transmitter Skins!

We would like to welcome our partnership with Pimp Your Jeti! You can now purchase Jeti Transmitter Skins here! Click the link to shop.

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Mohammed’s Addition

Take a look at Mohammed’s new Carf Models USA Jet! This Eurosport 3D Universe runs a Jet Cat P180 RXI, JR 8711 servos, Jeti RSat2 Receivers, Powerbox Cockpit SRS and I Gyro SRS, and a Power Box Battery 2800mAh. And of course, it is flown on a Jeti DS-16 Transmitter!

Eurosport 3D Universe

Another Successful Maiden!

Team Pilot Michael Middleton and his Sebart PC-21 after its maiden flight!

Sebart PC-21

Espritmodel | Jeti USA