Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Main Switch

Watch as Kasi explains the Jeti Main Switch and what it has to offer.

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

Time to get your Fangs out, we’re off to Louisiana for the Cajun Heli Fest! Stop by March 28th and 29th and sink your teeth into a Jeti Duplex Transmitter. Don’t worry vamps, it only looks silver!

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Cajun Heli Fest 2015

From The Flight Line- Danny’s F14

Walking around Florida Jets, I came across this amazing Skymaster Twin Turbine F14. This gorgeous jet belongs to JR’s very own sponsored pilot, Danny. Danny is running the JR X-Bus System and flies it on his XG11MV (soon to be the JR 28X). Powered by two Jet Cat Turbines, and complete with sweeping wings, phoenix missiles, scale lighting, and bombs, this F14 will surly rattle your bones.

DSC_0322cc DSC_0326cc DSC_0324cc

The Shape is Ready for Her Maiden Voyage

Manny’s new toy is equip with MKS Servos, a BD 3X Stabilization System, Kontronik ESC, Pulse Batteries, and runs on the Jeti Duplex system.

Shape Heli (1) Shape Heli (2) Shape Heli (3) Shape Heli (4) Shape Heli (5) Shape Heli (6)

Simulator Interface Cable

Want to use your Jeti Transmitter on your flight sim? Now you can! We have just added interface cables to our website that will allow you to connect a Jeti Receiver to your flight simulator, in turn allowing you to use your Jeti transmitter wirelessly to control your flight. These cables are  compatible with Phoenix RC Pro and RealFlight.

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Interface Cable (3)CInterface Cable (1)C Interface Cable (2)C

Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Main Switch

Main Switch is an electronic primary switch designed for switching of the main power supply (Main Battery) for your RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnection of the main battery pack. The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited On/Off cycles, unlike mechanically operated switches. The Main Switch prevents the connectors from sparking when connecting the batteries, in fact it also replaces Anti-Spark connectors.

Video Release – Weekly Update 03/17/2015

Find out what’s going on this week at Esprit Model!
Topics are: New Align Products, Flight Sim Cables, and More!

From The Flight Line – Arlen’s A10 Warthog

Take a look at this A10 Warthog I found at Florida Jets. Owned by Arlen, this A10 Warthog sports two BVM EVF12 Electric Ducted Fans, and runs on Spektrum. Arlen is running a 12s power setup and has equipped his jet with the PowerBox. This jet may not have a turbine engine, but it sure flys like it! Take a look at some of the ground shots I managed to get.

DSC_0318CC DSC_0319cc DSC_0320cc

Meet Bob!

Bob Belluomini is a man of many skills. He started flying at the age of 11, beginning with control line and free flight models. In 1969, Bob flew his first RC aircraft. During his college years, he focused on pattern, and then moved into helicopters, where he flew competition and FAI Heli events. Bob’s current discipline is EDF and high powered electric models.

Along with an extensive background on various different aircraft, has dove head first into his local flying community. He has belonged to the Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club since 1975, and he recently joined the Ohio River View R/C Flyers Club. As a founding member of IRCHA, he has help manage the event during the years it took place in Columbus, OH. In addition to past events, he plans to manage Ohio River View R/C Flyers Club’s first ever Electric Ducted Fan meet. 2015 will also be his third year hosting the EDF Jet Jam. Bob’s current flying takes him to numerous jet events throughout the year, so keep an eye out for him on the field!

Welcome to the Team Bob!

Bob Belluomini SM

From The Flight Line – Pablo’s Rebel Pro

Take a look at one of the jets I found flying around Florida Jets last weekend. This beautiful Rebel Pro by Elite Aerosports belongs to Pablo Fernandez. Built by himself, Pablo is running a King Tech K-210 Turbine, Spektrum 6270 servos, and drives it with the Spektrum DX-18.

Pablo Ferbabdez - Rebel Pro (5)CC Pablo Ferbabdez - Rebel Pro (2)CC

Pablo Ferbabdez - Rebel Pro (1)CC Pablo Ferbabdez - Rebel Pro (3)CC

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