Ready, Set, Pre-Order!

The Jeti DS-24’s are open for Pre-Order. Available in Titanium, Carbon Black, Carbon Red, and Carbon Titanium. Get your order in.

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*Deposit due at time of pre-order. Final payment collected before shipping.

AXi 5345 HD Outrunner Sailplane Motors Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for the AXi 5345 HD Outrunner series Sailplane Motors. They are expected to be arriving next week.  These high performance, extended shaft 5345 motors work great with large scale sailplanes and can work well in your special application project.

Note: Radial Mount and Support Shaft Ball Bearing Included

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Jeti – A Name You Can Trust

Take a look at this big boy! Bet you can’t guess what it’s flown with…. (We’ll give you a hint, It’s a Jeti). At a 108 lbs (49kg) and a rotor diameter of 10 feet (3.5m), reliability is a must, therefore it only makes sense to use a name you can trust.

Benched For The Season?

Start off building season with a fully stocked bench. Check out the new line of JB Weld products, with so much to chose from, we are sure you will be stuck on us!

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We’ve Got What Ya Need!

Let us help you with your power set up! Take a look at what one customer said about our recommendations!

Thank you Esprit!!
I installed this upgrade early this week. Have several flights on it.
Worth every penny.
Climbs from my hand to 450 ft. in 15 seconds.
Climbs from flying at 10 ft. to 500 ft. in 15 seconds.
I am using a TATTU 1550 mah 3 cell 75C battery.
This battery fits crosswise in the far aft pocket in the battery compartment.
I use 1 minute and 20 seconds of power on.
This gives me about 25 minutes of glide time in dead air, which is plenty for me. Battery voltage after this is 3.8 volts per cell.
Battery, ESC, and motor are cool after this.
The prop folds flat against the sides of the fuselage.
Seems like well planned sizes for all components. Except for the recommended battery, which I think is much bigger than I need.
This is not quite a drop in conversion, I had to remove the forward part of the G10 cross member. Not a problem and gave me a good chance to remove the heavy metal blocks that were buried in the foam.

-Russ K

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Video Release – Advanced Programming: Gyro Settings Menu

In this Jeti Short, James takes you through gyro tuning via the Gyro Setting Menu.


Fiala In Action

What better accessory for your aircraft than a Fiala Propeller! Thanks Luciano for these photos of your beautiful Messerschmitt ME-109 and Spitfire sporting the 20×12 Fiala Black and Yellow Prop.

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Coming Soon – Cyclone Motors From AXi

Introducing the new line of AXi Cyclone Inrunner/Outrunner Sailplane Brusheless Motors. These new lightweight motors come with pre-installed cooling fans and triple ball-bearing support. AXi’s Cyclone series are particularly suited for use in electric powered gliders due to their low installation profile.



We Are Safe!

We have safely made it through Hurricane Matthew with little to no damage. Monday morning operations will continue as normal. Thank you to all of you for your concerns and good thoughts.

-EM Team


How Awesome!

Take a look at this amazing experimental RC Turbine Model.


Espritmodel | Jeti USA