Better Than Diamonds..

Diamonds may be nice, but whoever said they are a girls best friend did not know Jeti Pilot Aneta Bouskova. Take a look at the happiness her new Fiala Propellers have brought here.

“Big thanks to Fiala Propellers for supporting me. Today I got new props for my Extra.”

States Aneta. Check out our line of Filal Props in the link below.

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Aneta And Her Fiala

New Videos from Paul Naton!

Check out what was added to our line of Radio Carbon Art instructional videos! We have just added “Thermal Soaring Master Class” and “Electric Sailplanes Clinic 3”. These great videos will teach you everything you need to know from flying to fixing. Check it out!

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Thermal Soaring Master ClassElectric Sailplane Clinic 3


DC-24 – One Step Closer!!!

We are almost there! The time is quickly approaching and we are getting very excited, as we are sure you are too! The Jeti DC-24 transmitters are shipping out from Jeti Model! Now, all we are waiting for is the final A.O.K from the FCC!!! Not too much longer now! We will keep you posted.

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DC-24 Shipping

DC-24 Shipping 2

For the Love of Cheesecake… And Happy Birthday Darryl :)

We wanted to wish our very own Darryl a very happy birthday. Thank you for sharing your day… and your cheesecake with us!

Darryl Birthday

Good Lookin’ Bunch!

We want to give a huge “Thanks” to Photographer Jenni Alderman for this awesome photo of our guys working hard (or hardly working – you decide) at the Jets Over Kentucky Jet Show last weekend. Looking great guys!

KY Jets Guys

*From Right: Bob Belluomini, Jim McEwen, Richard Miller, and Greg Alderman.

All In One Power Packages

We wanted to share with everyone that our Sailplane Power Packages have changed. Now you can get an all-in-one power solution with your favorite AXi Motor. Check it out in the link below.

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Power Package


Jeti DC-24 Pre-Orders Are Still Available!

Don’t miss out on your chance to save $100.00! Pre-Order your DC-24 now before the price goes up. Available in 4 Color Carbon Editions as well as traditional Aluminum.

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DC-24 (3) 800x350

Jets Over Kentucky- We Are Still Here!

Come stop by our booth today at Jets Over Kentucky! Here are some photos of what we have seen so far! Take a look.


Just Gettin’ Started – Jets Over Kentucky

We are here in Lebanon Kentucky at the Jets Over Kentucky Show. It has been amazing so far, and we can’t wait to see what the weekend will have in store for us. For now, take a look at a few pics we were able to snap between guests. If you are in the area, come out and say hi!

KY Jets 2



Take Flight With Lucas!

Take flight in the Opale Oxy 5.0 with the Lucas pilot flying high over Panama City.  The Oxy 5.0 Flying weight is 8kg with winds between 5 to 10kmh. Take a look!

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