Video Release – “Jeti Shorts” Basic & User Menu Editing

One cool feature about the Jeti Transmitters that many don’t know about is the ability to program a custom “User” menu. Watch this Jeti Short to see how easy it is to set up!

Aircraft of Joe Nall 2015

Take a look at these photos of just a few of the many awesome airplanes that we saw at Joe Nall 2015!

Joe Nall 2015 – Markus Rummer

Markus “Dr. Low” Rummer at Joe Nall 2015 flying his aircraft on the Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz System!

Emcotec Wing and Fuselage Connectors In Use

Take a look at these great Emcotec Wing and Fuselage connectors installed in our Windex 2000c! These provide a much simpler and cleaner servo connection and are available in two sizes!

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We Are Back!

We are back safely from Joe Nall, but now the work starts! This year was great, it seems every year just keeps getting better and better. We want to thank everyone who helped make it possible for us to attend.


Coming Soon: Pulsar 2.5S REF

In addition to the very beautiful Pulsar 2.5S that we have coming, we have a 2.5S REF version as well! Take a look at it here.

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Coming Soon: Pulsar 2.5S

Take a look at what we have coming!

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Video Release – “Jeti Shorts” Basic Programming: Accelerometers

Learn all about the Jeti Transmitter’s Accelerometers. Every movement is a fully proportional switch or function!

Video Release – “Jeti Shorts” Telemetry/Timers: Timers

Need to know how to set a timer? Watch this short video!


Thank You!

Thank you Tauseef for these great pictures of your Jeti equipment. We are happy to see you enjoying it!
“Really starting to enjoy the radio!”  – Tauseef

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