DC-24: FCC Final Stages Are Done!

We are happy to announce that the final stages of FCC Approval are at a close and the Jeti DC-24’s will be begin shipping out towards the end of next week! If you have a pre-order, keep an eye on your inbox, we will be reaching out to you!

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Jeti DC-24 Approved

Gotta Get Ya One!

First Mario and Luigi, now Chewbacca… Everybody wants to fly #Opale

Take a look at JC’s Opale Hybrid 3.0 with Trike… and of course, Chewy!

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Star Wars Chewy Pilot

Way To Go Gernot!

Congratulations to Jeti Model Pilot Gernot Bruckman on winning 2016 F3A European Champion!!!

Gernot Bruckman Congrats!

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Jeti and AXi In-Stock!!!

Fully loaded, don’t know how much more our shelves can handle.

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081816 - Jeti and AXi Instock (1)

081816 - Jeti and AXi Instock (2)

081816 - Jeti and AXi Instock (3)

AXi Meet Jeti

Introducing the newest in motor technology! We are excited to announce that we will be adding to our line of AXi Motors new telemetry integrated motors. Now you will be able receive telemetry data to your Jeti device without the need for additional sensors. Keep an eye for these to pop up on our site.

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Opale Paramodels – Test & Demo Weekend

The Model Flying Club Wörgl-Kundl” hosted a great event where RC pilots could come and watch amazing demos of these beautiful Opale Paramodels and even test fly them. Take a look!

It’s National Model Aviation Day!!!

Let’s celebrate! TODAY ONLY place an order over $250.00 USD and receive either a free brushless motor or free helicopter blades! Simply place “#ModelAviationDay” in your order notes with the word “Blades” OR “Motor”. Limited quantity. While supplies last. Deal Expires August 13th 24:00 EST.

Read more about Model Aviation Day on their website by clicking the link below.

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*Order must be placed during active promotion and must contain the hashtag to qualify.

Video Release – Introduction to the World of Opale Paragliders

Opale what? Hybrid vs Oxy? Paramotor vs Paraglider? There are so many choices. If you don’t know what to get, or even where to start this introduction video can help! Follow along as James explains the different options provided in our line of Opale Paramodels.

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With A Cherry On Top!

With all the new features of the DC-24, how could you possibly make it any better? Easy, add color! The DC-24 is offered in 3 new and exciting colors, complete with a beautiful Carbon Fiber Front. Take a look at the Burnt Orange, Red Wine, and Sky Blue Carbon edition transmitters. (You can even change the color on the screen to match!)

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PR - Carbon Red Wine

PR- Carbon Burnt Orange

PR- Carbon Sky Blue

The New DITEX Servos by Jeti are Here!

These new servos have been integrated with the Jeti Transmitter Systems to allow for a real-time telemetry data feed. Keep an eye out for them to go on sale Fall 2016.

Jeti Ditex Servos (3)

Jeti Ditex Servos (4)

Jeti Ditex Servos (1)

Jeti Ditex Servos (2)

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