Another Shipment Arrives!

Hey guys – we have radios! Jeti DS-24 Radios are in-stock at our Florida warehouse and are waiting to be cleared for shipment! Please keep checking back, as we are in the final stages of FCC testing.

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We Are Family!

Jeti Fight Club, We Keep Your Toys Working!!!

Looking for a one stop place for all your professional flight needs? If your answer is yes, join the Jeti family!
Become a member of our prestigious team by enrolling in the Jeti Fight Club.

Jeti Fight Club subscription membership can be purchased at the web site.

At Jeti USA, we are more than a team… we are family!!!
Join Jeti Fight Club now for $150.00 annual membership fee!!!

Membership Has its Perks…

– Annual Welcome Package (Jeti Fight Club Shirts, Hats, Decals…)
– Free Jeti Care Services (50% Replacement Warranty)
– Expedited Jeti Warranty Service (Would Ship Same Day)
– Early Access to New Product Releases (Stay Informed)
– Jeti Live Video Support (Having Problems, Skype Helps)
– VIP Access to our Private Lounge at Major Events (Have a Drink on Us)
– Invitation to the Jeti Fun Fly (Impromptu Twice a Year)
– Special Discounts, Deals and Promotions

* Sign up requires Jeti Transmitter, ESC or AXi Brushless Motor ownership, agreement to terms and conditions, and collection of membership dues.

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Hats Are Back In-Stock!

We just got in our newest hats! Check out these beautifully embroidered Sport-Tek Dry Zone hats, available in gold, black, and red. With moisture-wicking performance you will just love! Sold in Esprit Tech (gold only) and Jeti USA options.


  • Fabric: 91% Nylon 9% cotton twill
  • Structure: Structured
  • Profile: Mid
  • Closure: Hook and loop back


Side Back Height – 6 9/16″

Inside Circumference – 22 3/8″

Bill Length – 2 15/16″

Width of Front Panel – 8″


Jeti DS/DC-24 and 900MHZ- How It Works

The DC/DS-24 offers dual frequency, triple redundant signal, and we have gotten many questions about how this works. In this video, James explains and demonstrates the use of the 900MHz R3 REX on the DC/DS-24. Take a look!

More Choices From AXi Now Available

The AXi 8112 3D 3D Extreme and AXi 8120 3D Extreme Motors are now available! The 3D Extreme line offers direct integration with Jeti Telemetry! Check out the charts below for motor specs! Pricing starts at $425.00, with two different Kv options each!

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8112 3D Series
Kv (rpm/V) 215 165
Max Power (W) 2800W 3000W
Max Amp (15sec) 85A 75A
Max Efficiency 95% 95%
Io (No load A) ?A ?A
Rm (Resistance) ?Ohm ?Ohm
Shaft Diameter 8mm 8mm
Gearbox N/A N/A
Motor Diameter 87mm 87mm
Motor Length 34.5mm 34.5mm
Motor Weight 530g 530g
Built in Fan Yes Yes
Max Rpm 9,000 9,000
Poles 36 36
Case Outrunner Outrunner
ESC Timing 25 deg 25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz 8kHz


8120 3D Series
Kv (rpm/V) 190 140
Max Power (W) ?W ?W
Max Amp (15sec) 95A 95A
Max Efficiency 95% 95%
Io (No load A) ?A ?A
Rm (Resistance) ?Ohm ?Ohm
Shaft Diameter 8mm 8mm
Gearbox N/A N/A
Motor Diameter 87mm 87mm
Motor Length 42.5mm 42.5mm
Motor Weight ?g ?g
Built in Fan Yes Yes
Max Rpm 9,000 9,000
Poles 36 36
Case Outrunner Outrunner
ESC Timing 25 deg 25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz 8kHz

Something For Every Level – Buyers Guide to Sailplanes

With the holidays coming up, you may be trying to buy that perfect gift for someone, or even yourself, but you may not know just where to start. We figured that a starter guide to airplanes may be in order. Read further to find out the best type of sailplane based on skill level and price.

Lets Begin with Beginners:

The Super Easy is, well as it states, a “super easy” and great starter sailplane. With only two control surfaces (Elevator and Rudder) control of the airplane is easily held. With wings that are a classic balsa/ply build-up construction and a gel-coated fiberglass fuselage, this little two meter sailplane will prove quite sturdy.  The two piece wing and horizontal stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. This air frame costs just under $300.00, and is available in four colors.

Click Here To See Super Easy

Back In Black!

The brand new DS-24 Carbon Black Transmitter has arrived to the shop. We can now say the entire DS-24 family is here and just itching to be shipped! Check back often for more DS-24 FCC updates.

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Free Motor For a Limited Time Only!

AXi Brushless motors, unparalleled quality, great efficiency, and innovative design – what’s not to love? And, who doesn’t love free stuff? So what happens when we combine and awesome product with the word free….That’s right, you get one awesome deal!

For a limited time only, purchase any in-stock Pulsar 3.2E or 3.6E and receive a FREE AXi Cyclone motor. That is up to a $129.00 value!

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*Motor is based on model of pulsar purchased. While supplies last. We Reserve right to exclude all additional discounts.


Realflight RF8 Is Coming!

Introducing the newest in flight sim technology – RF8. Realflight’s RF8 has the much loved features from RF7.5, but sports some major upgrades. RF8 offers VR Compatibility for the most realistic flight experience! The newest version of Realflight offers an easier experience with an upgraded intuitive interface and various hook-up options. Don’t forget the added aircraft and flying site options.

If a flight sim is what you are waiting on to learn, then your wait is over! Get the new Realflight RF8!


  • Unparalleled physics make RealFlight the #1 RC flight simulator on the market
  • Simple, intuitive interface—zero learning curve, zero hassle
  • Game-like challenges make flight training fun and fully interactive with at least ten levels of complexity
  • Multiplayer combat—challenge the best pilots in the world
  • Fly in detailed fields—day or night—and make them your own with FlexiField
  • More than 140 aircraft.
  • More than 40 flying sites and FlexiField Site Editor

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Opale Paramodels Hybrid 5.2

The Hybrid 5.2, is the ideal wing for outdoor activities such as pure slope soaring or paramotoring. 100% suitable for beginners, advanced and experienced pilots. For those who want to have a wing with a 5.25m wingspan featuring Hybrid technology, this is the wing you need.


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