Jeti Product Release – R7 Nano

New Jeti Duplex R7 Nano EX receiver combines many servo outputs in small and light weight package. This receiver has been specifically designed for small and micro models. R7 Nano incorporates a single 32mm antenna.

Note: This item is not for use in the US and Canada (Not FCC or IC Certified)!!!

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r7-micro R7-Nano-Cropped


Jeti Transmitter Update! Version 3.02 for DC-16, DS-16 and DS-14 Transmitters Now Available

Jeti Transmitter Update! Version 3.02 for DC-16, DS-16 and DS-14 Transmitters Now Available

After a long time of development and testing we are able to release the new version of DC/DS firmware to the public. This update comes up with new modifications as well as brand new features:

Warning: After updating your radio to version 3.02 it is no longer possible to downgrade to an older firmware!!!

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telemetry-302a telemetry-302b telemetry-302c

Video Release – Jeti programming

Video Release – Jeti Programming: Updating Your Jeti Duplex Receiver
Join James as he walks you through the simple steps of updating your Jeti receivers.

Video Release – A Special Christmas Gift

We hope you enjoy this special Christmas video. Merry Christmas!

From The Flight Line – Team Pilot Peter Vogel’s Summer Recap

After a very busy summer of competitions, Team Pilot Peter Vogel finishes up the District 7 Championship in Fresno, CA. 5th in Intermediate. He also won the prestigious “Pattern Animal” award. Way to go Peter! “I’ll be spending the off season practicing the new Intermediate sequence for next year and writing some documentation for the electronic scoring system.” Stated Peter. Keep an eye out for him next year.

Pattern Animal 2014

Jeti DS-16 Limited Edition

They Are Here!!!

Limited Edition DS-16 Red Racer and Black Phoenix Transmitters have arrived! Place an order for one, and receive a customized carbon fiber commemorative plaque with your name on it! (Please allow production time) Choose from our In-Stock transmitters, and skip the production time!

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New Emcotec Products Have Arrived!

Keep an eye on our website for great additions from Emcotec.

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Jeti Product Release – Mbar

New Jeti Product Release:

Jeti’s MBar EX is a sensor that measures high pressures of non-corrosive and unionized gases and liquids. The sensor records the maximum and minimum measured values of pressure and temperature.

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Sailplane Power EDF Jetec Launching System for 1/4 to 1/2 Sailplanes

Introducing brand new Power EDF retractable launching systems by German MIG Flight company for scale or sport sailplanes. Finally we have beautifully engineered product that will enhance your flying experience.

Sailplane Power EDF Jetec E-90 Launching System $985.00
Sailplane Power EDF Jetec E-120 Launching System $1,595.00
Sailplane Power EDF Jetec E-130 Launching System $2,650.00


Formation Flying Five Airbus A350-900 Airliners!!!

The five test and development A350-900s took to the skies for a formation flight in September 2014, bringing together all of the aircraft used for Airbus’ successful campaign leading to certification of this latest Airbus widebody jetliners.


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