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air-heli 10-14 V

Upgraded Flapped Wing Set for Super Easy

A great addition to your Super Easy Sailplane! Purchase this new wing set with Flaps and instantly upgrade your sport version Super Easy to a full REF ALES competition sailplane.

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Coming Soon – Multiplex Soldering Couplers for Power and Servo Connections

Another innovative solution from Esprit & Jeti Model. Check out our new clever connection & soldering solution for Multiplex MPX6 connectors. Manufactured for either Power (2 connection) or Servo (+/-, 4x Signal) applications. With our couplers you can avoid damaging your power or servo connections; no more pulling wires while separating your connectors.

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Multiplex Soldering Couplers

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air-heli 10-14 IV

Anything But Pumpkin!

October is here, and so are the pumpkins! Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Patches, you name it! We are over it! We want to see your most creative Anti-Pumpkin. That’s right, we don’t care what you carve, as long as it isn’t a Pumpkin!

From now until Halloween (October 31st, 2014) post your carving images right here on our Facebook page. Best part: winner takes home a $50 dollar gift certificate! Keep an eye out for our Anti-Pumpkin pictures this month!

anything but pumpkin

Another satisfied customer!

We love to hear it when our customers are happy. One customer states:

Now that I’ve taken my DS-16 through a full season of pattern contest flying (without as much practice as I’d have liked), I can now tell you that I really love this product. I recently added an MU-150 current/voltage/capacity telemetry sensor, and I didn’t even have to crack the manual to figure out how to get it to display these parameters on my main screen on the transmitter. WELL DONE!
Additionally, the solid build feel of the transmitter is fantastic. A huge step above anything else at this price point. (I haven’t compared to the Futaba 18 or upcoming JR 28x, but even then, those are nearly double the cost).I am also a big fan of the 4 button cluster for trims. They are much easier to access while flying (without looking down) than the classic sliders next to the sticks. I know some people see that and think it’s too radical, but I think it is a brilliant design choice. I’m sure I’ve only explored 10% of the capabilities of this thing, but that 10% is so nicely done. Thank you for designing such a great product
. ”

Thank you for your support. It always makes us happy to see such joy and satisfaction from our equipment!

Now In Stock! Commander V 120 HV ESC

Check out what just showed up from scorpion! The new Commander V Electronic Speed Control is now available.

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From The Flight Line – The Versatile Jeti System

We are glad to see it when customers pick up a Jeti System, and we are even more pleased when they love it! Peter Lilliegren has recently switched to Jeti and couldn’t be happier! Take a look at his fleet of aircraft!

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air-heli 10-14 II

From The Flight Line – Richard Bohn Does It Again

Congrats to Richard Bohn, our Team Pilot from Florida. Last month he walked away with First Place in intermediate at the 46th Annual AMA Pattern contest in Huntsville, Alabama. Way to go! Keep ‘em coming!

Richard Bohn

Espritmodel | Jeti USA