Jeti USA and Esprit Model would like to welcome our newest members to the team! We are happy to see you flying with us out on the fields! It’s a pleasure to announce Jim McEwen, David Soufer, and “Oat” as Jeti USA!

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  1. Hi I’ve just bought a DS-16 and I’m VERY pleased with it. The quality is beyond compare!

    Day two and I’ve programmed a 7 channel glider with 4 servos on the wing (2 x flaps and 2 x ailerons). I’ve got it set up with 3 flight modes (Cruise, thermal and landing with crow flaps.

    I have found a problem I cant seem to get round when I tried assigning the three modes to a three position switch. I just couldn’t get the switch to recognise more than two modes, The top and bottom positions were always the same mode with the centre position being the second mode. When I look at the switch ‘values’ up is -100% middle is 0% and down is -100%. Is this the clue to the solution?

    In the end I set up two two position switches as logical switches to get me the three successful mode positions but I’m sure this should not be necessary and I would much prefer to use just a single switch.

    Please advise.. what am I doing wrong?

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