Ashleigh Heath, our newest Team Jeti USA member is not your average 14 year old. Just a freshman in high school, Ashleigh has already been flying for three years. At the age of 11 she received a Hobby Zone Super Cub LP and taught herself to fly. In the next few months, Ashleigh became the proud owner of a four channel fixed wing aircraft and she was hooked. Up until summer of 2012 small foamies had been her bird of choice. Joe Nall Week quickly changed everything.

“I flew my first gas giant scale plane at Joe Nall Week, a 3D Hobby Shop 104” Slick. I now have a few 3DHobbyShop 30cc airframes, 3DHS 87″ and 103″ Extras, and various smaller balsa planes and foamies. I enjoy this hobby very much and I’m going to stick with it for a long time.” Ashleigh states. Welcome to the team!

You can catch Ashleigh at:

Toledo Weak Signals
Joe Nall
Ohio Huckfest/King 50
3DHS Fly Low Ins (various dates)

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  1. Saw you and your team perform a the 2016 Joe Nall Week. What a great performance. Its great to see a female team perform at an event like this. It seems to be a male dominated sport. Its great to see women take an interest in model aviation. I just wish my wife would.

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