Growing up around airplanes, both full scale and models, Jeff “aka Moose” has always had that inkling inside that would eventually lead him to pick up a model of his own. “I was infused with airplanes from my grandfather, who not only built his own full scale planes, but continued into his later years building rubber band powered stick and tissue models. These were the toys I looked forward to when visiting Grandma and Grandpa. As an adult, I picked up an RC airplane and never looked back.” States Jeff.

Jeff has been flying RC aircraft for the past 6 years. Recently being named to Team 3D Hobby Shop, and now joining us on Team Jeti USA, Jeff is looking forward to attending his many regular events with his aerobatic planes, warbirds, wings, jets, and of course his Jeti DS-14. He is always helpful, always laughing, and always looking to learn more. We look forward to seeing you at the shows and flying alongside you!

You can catch Moose at these upcoming 2014 events:

Joe Nall
New Jersey FLI
Knoxville FLI
RCEFF (Randy Covington Electric Fun Fly)

Jeff Maruschek (2)

Jeff Maruschek (1)

Jeff Maruschek (3)

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