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What Is Better Than A TopModel Discus?

Two of them! Thanks to JC for this awesome pic!JC's Discuses

Coming Soon: Pulsar 2.5S REF

In addition to the very beautiful Pulsar 2.5S that we have coming, we have a 2.5S REF version as well! Take a look at it here.

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Coming Soon: Pulsar 2.5S

Take a look at what we have coming!

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WinDex Gets Some Use!

What a beautiful weekend it was last weekend, and when the weather’s great there is no other place we would like to be than flying. Take a look at these images of our Windex at the RC Prop Busters Club in Sebastian, Florida.

After major upgrade with Emcotec PWC Servo Harnesses and Jeti Radio & Telemetry system our Windex 1200C  is ready for Joe Nall.

Windex 2  Windex 1

Windex 3

Season’s Over!

Out of time to build? Don’t panic we have just what you need!
These beautiful Store Display Pulsars are ready to be sold. All you need to add is your receiver and a battery and your ready for the flying season!

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SD Pulsar 3.1E Pro (2)

EDF Launching Systems Are Here!

Our First JETEC EDF Launching Systems have come in. Take a look at these guys! We have both the 90 and 120.

Jetec 120 1 Jetec 120 2

Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox Makes It Big!

Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox has made it into several popular media prints. You can articles about the bluetooth module featured in Fly RC, Heli Pilot, MultiRotor Pilot, as well as online at! Take a look!

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RCDriod Bluetooth Module (2)RCDriod Bluetooth Module

Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Duplex DS-14 Basic Transmitters

Take a closer look at what Jeti’s DS-14 Basic has to offer you.

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Video Release – Weekly Update: 01/21/2015

Stay up-to-date with Esprit Model and Jeti USA!

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EDF Self Launching System In Action – Part 3

Take a look at the last video in this 3 part series. The EDF Self Launching System launches this scale sailplane high, with hardly any effort!  For more information, Visit our “New Season 2015” section on our website.

Espritmodel | Jeti USA
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