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Our 1st Welcome Packages Are Shipping!

Are you ready?!? The first Jeti Fight Club Welcome Packages have shipped! We are excited to see this program rolling out. For more information on how to join, see the full story below.

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Members Only

Jeti Fight Club Membership Makes The Perfect Gift!

If you really want to surprise that special someone this holiday season, sign them up for the Jeti Fight Club! A Fight Club membership will provide many benefits such as special VIP access to our booth at events, invitations to our private fun flys, special  discounts, entry into our random prize drawings, and much more! Every member will be mailed out a very special Welcome Package (which can fit perfectly in a gift box)!

Check out more information in the link below.

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We Are Family!

Jeti Fight Club, We Keep Your Toys Working!!!

Looking for a one stop place for all your professional flight needs? If your answer is yes, join the Jeti family!
Become a member of our prestigious team by enrolling in the Jeti Fight Club.

Jeti Fight Club subscription membership can be purchased at the web site.

At Jeti USA, we are more than a team… we are family!!!
Join Jeti Fight Club now for $150.00 annual membership fee!!!

Membership Has its Perks…

– Annual Welcome Package (Jeti Fight Club Shirts, Hats, Decals…)
– Free Jeti Care Services (50% Replacement Warranty)
– Expedited Jeti Warranty Service (Would Ship Same Day)
– Early Access to New Product Releases (Stay Informed)
– Jeti Live Video Support (Having Problems, Skype Helps)
– VIP Access to our Private Lounge at Major Events (Have a Drink on Us)
– Invitation to the Jeti Fun Fly (Impromptu Twice a Year)
– Special Discounts, Deals and Promotions

* Sign up requires Jeti Transmitter, ESC or AXi Brushless Motor ownership, agreement to terms and conditions, and collection of membership dues.

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Brad Pando’s Beautiful JTM Viper

Take a look at this beautiful JTM Viper Jet.  The electronics consist of Hitec and Spektrum servos, electric retracts and brakes, and is powered by a King Tech 120G2 Turbine engine. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without Jeti! Hooked up with a Central Box, 2x Jeti R12s and a Jeti MGPS sensor, Brad Pando flies his beloved JTM Viper on his equally impressive DS-16 Carbon Transmitter.

  • Wingspan: 1840mm
  • Length: 1700mm

Mr. Top Gun

For many, Top Gun is another RC Event… but for some, like Jack Diaz, it is THE RC Event.  Top Gun gathers pilots from all over to compete against each other, as well as their selves, in many categories covering building skills all the way to flying abilities. Perhaps the most coveted award is the “Mr. Top Gun” award, issued to the overall winner. This year, that award goes to Jack Diaz and his beautiful Belgium – Air Force “Les Diables Rouges” Fouga CM-170 Magister MT-48 jet, controlled by Jeti.

For Jack, 2-time Mr. Top Gun, this achievement was not easily had. Many hours of hard work had gone into working on his jet (and finding that perfect Jeti setup), as well as a quick parts swap mid-competition, but in the end all that work paid off. Thank you for letting us assist you out in the field. Congratulations to Jack Diaz, our 2017 Mr. Top Gun!

Welcome To The Dark Side (Or In This Case Red)

Look who has crossed over to the Jeti side! Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeti, Pablo. We know it will be everything you hope and then some.

Merry Christmas To All

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of our customers we have had the pleasure to do business with. Esprit Tech & Jeti USA would not be the leaders without our highly competent and innovative business partners and supporters. We are very proud to be your favorite Hobby Shop and place where your Dreams Come True.

In the last 15 years the hobby and business environment has changed dramatically. In today’s business world we can communicate, learn, and talk 24/7. Help and good advice is only a click away. With these words on this beautiful day we can look confidently into the future. With your support and cooperation our future looks brighter than ever.

We are always looking for a fellow pilots, hobbyist, and partners who would like to contribute and improve Esprit Tech’s legacy. Ok that’s enough, Let’s Go Flying!

Thank you, Lucy Blaha

CEO, Esprit Tech & Jeti USA

Happy Birthday Manny!

Hope today is everything you want it to be! happy-birthday

New from Top Model – Marabu 2.75E

This beautiful plane from Top-Model offers gentle, smooth, and long flights. It’s wings and stabilizer are all balsa built-up with a Carbon Fiber main spare and leading edge. The fuselage is gel-coated fiberglass with a white finish. To add finishing touches, the model is covered with Oracover. All control surfaces are hinged with adhesive tape. This fully built sailplane needs only basic assembly and motor/radio installation. The two piece wing and horizontal stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. Offered in Full House and V Tail options.

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Way To Go Gernot!

Congratulations to Jeti Model Pilot Gernot Bruckman on winning 2016 F3A European Champion!!!

Gernot Bruckman Congrats!

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