One of the best parts of our work at Esprit Model/Jeti USA is hearing how happy our products have made our customers.  Robert from Anaheim, California is no exception. Here is what he wrote:

“I have been flying R/C for thirty years on the ham band of 53Mhz. When I moved after retiring I joined a local r/c club. Most of the members were using the same brand radio on 2.4Ghz. I really liked the short antennas so I bought their top of the line model. That was two years ago. I have been plagued with hardware problems. There were two recalls on my radio. The last was the worst problem because a bad capacitor was causing the transmitter to send a reboot signal to the radio. This was not a brownout or blackout, it caused all control surfaces to go full throw causing the aircraft to roll over into a dive and crash. After losing $3000 in models it was time to buy a different brand radio. 

I was going to buy a Futaba because of their high quality but what sold me on the Jeti Duplex DS16 was that it has two RF modules and four antennas and the receivers have built in telemetry. And the quality of the design makes it a third generation computer transmitter. I have had my DS16 for four months now with dozens of perfect flights. I was so pleased with it that I converted all 17 of my models to Jeti receivers. I love this radio. It is like having a copilot with me giving voice confirmations of what switch I threw and via telemetry what the status is of different flight conditions. I know exactly when my flight LiPo battery is at 80% and it’s time to land. I never have to take my eyes off of my model. But best of all, I never have to worry about a loss of signal again.”

Being that Robert was the only one at his club with the radio, and there were many questions to be had, he found a creative way for the radio to do all the talking. Here is a transcript of the wave file that plays whenever someone asks a question.

“Hello pilot. I am the Jeti duplex model D S 16. I am called duplex because my receivers have built in telemetry for two way data flow. For safety I have two internal transmitters each with a horizontal and vertical antenna hidden inside my display mount. My large screen can be custom arranged in small or large font to show whatever data you wish. But there is no need to look at the display because I can tell you the status of any function. I am a third generation computer transmitter where all my switches can be assigned by you for any purpose. I have toggle switches, proportional switches, logical switches, tilt switches and sequencer switches. Every time you move a switch, I can voice confirm what you just did. You never have to take your eyes off your plane. I can give you gun, missile and bomb drop sounds to make your flying more realistic. I can tell you the name of your model when you power on or change planes. I can provide all the specifications about the model and the real aircraft. With my sensors I can accurately tell you when it is time to land when your battery nears 80% use and give you a countdown time. Your aircraft will be safe with me.”

We are happy that you enjoy your Jeti system Robert! Thanks for the feedback.

Team Esprit and Jeti USA

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