Voltario Telemetry Sensor monitors your Rx Battery Voltage (V), Capacity (mAh), and Current (A)

Voltario T30 combines Touch w/LED (Included), Wireless (R3/RSW) or Mechanical Switch functionality together with telemetry sensor in a single device. Voltario T30 uses advanced technology to reach minimum size and enhanced set of features.

Voltario T30 is designed to turn ON/OFF the electronics in your model. If you use a dedicated receiver battery, the Voltario can be used to directly replace a mechanical RC switch. Specifically in thin glider fuselages or models equipped with a small BEC circuit, the device will offer great benefits like a small size and receiver battery monitoring. The device remembers its last operating state, and if the battery is accidentally disconnected, the Voltario will automatically boot up again as soon as the battery is connected again. JetiBox Monitor/Programmer can be used for programming and live telemetry data display during bench setup and testing.

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