Introducing Esprit Elite ESCs with Data Logging & Telemetry!!!

Esprit Elite electronic speed controllers (ESCs) will give you an unprecedented level of programming control for your brushless motors. All Esprit Elite ESCs can be used in Airplanes, Sailplanes, EDFs, or Helicopters (Constant RPM).

Esprit Elite ESCs can be quickly programmed with the JetiBox, no computer needed. Esprit Elite ESCs have a Data Logging function that lets you check the readings for peak Temperature, Maximum/Minimum Current, Motor RPM and many other parameters that are recorded. This information can be viewed right on the JetiBox after a flight. This allows you to make adjustments immediately and fly again to see the results.

Introducing New FES Esprit Brushless Motors (Front Electric Sustainer/Self-Launcher)

Elite series Front Electric Sustainer/Self-Launcher (FES) motors are the culmination of years spent designing and testing in specialized environments. Motors feature hardened steel shafts, built in fans, a large radial bearing designed to carry the load placed on the open end of the rotor, and an enclosed shaft extension that includes its own bearing. We feel that these motors are the perfect solution for your electric powered scale sailplanes. These features, combined with an easy to maintain and repair design, promise years of worry free use.

Carbon Fiber RFM Propeller and Spinner Sets for FES Drives

RFM White Painted Carbon Fiber folding propellers and spinners were specifically designed for high performance scale sailplane applications with Front Electric Sustainer/Self-launcher (FES) electric motors. 

Propellers and spinners feature a high Carbon Fiber content allowing for a super light and strong setup. Professionally laid Carbon Fiber cloth maintains maximum torsion rigidity while the high carbon fiber content ensures extreme durability with superior flight performance.