Customer’s Bell Invictus 360 Heli Build Is Awesome!

Jeti customer Evan Sayres has taken on an amazing new project in this Bell Invictus 360. Starting with a 3D printed plug, Evan will eventually be molding the fuselage for a true scale appearance.

The model will feature dual motors, a scratch built set of mechanics, and a Vario fenestron tail setup. The finished model will be controlled by Jeti Duplex radio gear.

We can’t wait to see if Evan meets his goal of flying his model before Bell launches the full scale release.

Get Up to 22 Channels from Jeti Central Box 210/220 & Central Box 100

After receiving numerous questions regarding getting extra channels while using Jeti Central Box 210/220 we have come up with elegant configuration that uses power from CB210/220 servo port 9/10 for Central Box 100. This way you can have up to 20 high power servos connected to the system and still have full battery telemetry & redundancy.

If you connect Telemetry to the CB100 and use CB100 only for noncritical functions (Gyro, Lights, Airbrakes…) you can get away with a single power lead and go up to 22 servos.

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A Top Model Ventus 2cx Deluxe Scale Sailplane Is Going Home!

With its fiberglass fuselage and its carbon fiber reinforced, obecchi sheeted foam wings the Ventus 2cx can handle full day of soaring as well as limited aerobatic routine. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. Finished with the new Front Electric Sustainer/Self-Launcher (FES) Elite series motor.

The FES motor is the culmination of years spent designing and testing in specialized environments. Motors feature hardened steel shafts, built in fans, a large radial bearing designed to carry the load placed on the open end of the rotor, and an enclosed shaft extension that includes its own bearing. We feel that these motors are the perfect solution for your electric powered scale sailplanes. These features, combined with an easy to maintain and repair design, promise years of worry free use.

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Showing off the Store Display Prelude REF 2.5E Electric Sailplane (Receiver Ready)

Look at this beauty!

Store Display, Brand NEW Prelude REF 2.5E sailplane receiver ready. Model has been expertly built at our shop for store display. Recommended battery: 2700 3S

One of the most impressive European made sailplanes that we have ever seen, the Prelude 2.5E REF flies as good as it looks. Gentle, smooth, and very long flights are the standards for this beauty. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.

(1) Prelude REF 2.5E $315.00
(1) AXi 2820/14 V2 Sailplane brushless motor $95.00
(1) Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB ESC $79.00
(2) Hitec HS-5065MG servo (flaps) $66.00
(2) Hitec D85MG servo (elevator, rudder) $78.00
(1) BB Turbo 40/5/8mm folding spinner $23.00
(1) Aeronaut 14×8 folding propeller $15.00
(2) Servo extension $8.00
(1) Deans connector $3.00
(1) Velcro Strap $3.00
(1) Servo Frame $20.00
(1) Building Services $250.00

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Brand New Elite Telemetry Sensor Micro Variometer & Altimeter (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2) COMING NEXT WEEK!

Micro Vario is a device that measures temperature and atmospheric pressure. Using the obtained data it calculates the Relative/Absolute Altitude and Rate of Climb/Descent. Changes in climb and descent rates are signaled as well. The sensor alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded. Simply Plug & Play solution for your Jeti, Futaba or Graupner RC System.

The sensor enables an acoustic signal for the climb rate/descent rate or for exceeding of a pre-adjusted limit value. The acoustic signal consists of different tones (steps) for climbing and the same amount of steps for descending. The step width can be adjusted by the user. The climb signal consists of short interrupted tones, the descent signal consists of long permanent tones.

With Jeti Duplex RC system Micro Vario takes advantage of the 2.4GHz band for communication. This system not only transmits control data to the model but also sends data from the model back to the transmitter. The telemetry data collected during operation is shown as actual, measured values in real time on either LCD screen of a connected JetiBox Profi or on the DC/DS line of Jeti transmitters.

Compatibility: Jeti Duplex EX, Multiplex MSB, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2
Altitude Resolution: +/- 0.1m
Pressure Range: 300-1200hPa
Operational Voltage: 3.5V to 12V
Dimensions/Weight: 21.5mm x 10mm x 4mm/2g
Programmable: Using JetiBox, JetiBox Mini and JetiBox Profi

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Brand New Store Display Grafas MAXi 3.5 Electric Sailplane Waiting For A Forever Home!

Store Display, Brand NEW Grafas MAXi 3.5 electric sailplane battery and receiver ready. Model has been expertly built at our shop for local competition.

Condition of item: Store Display, Never Flown, Brand NEW

One of the most impressive European made sailplanes that we have ever seen, the new Grafas MAXi 3.5E flies as good as it looks. The new Grafas MAXi 3.5E was designed as the latest and largest addition to the ever-growing family of hand-made electric sailplanes by TopModel CZ. Gentle, smooth, and very long flights are the standards for this beauty. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. The synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual in a production sailplane and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction.

The entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. Top Model uses the latest construction techniques such as CNC milling and laser cutting. The wings as well as horizontal tail are all balsa built-up with Carbon Fiber main spare and leading edge. The fuselage is gel-coated fiberglass with white finish. Whole model is covered with Ultracote. All control surfaces are hinged with adhesive tape. This fully built sailplane needs only basic assembly and motor/radio installation. The 3-piece wing and full flying stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. Each part is carefully hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Value is simply incredible.

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We’ve Got The New Elite Power Sliding Touch Switch for Voltario & Jeti Devices.

The Elite Sliding Touch Switch is an electronic device that can be used to turn ON and OFF the electronics in your RC model. It can replace any electronic or mechanical switch that uses a logical voltage level on its output. Features configurable touch sensitivity, last power-on status is stored in the internal memory, and very low standby current.

You do not need any additional tools to power up your model (such as a magnet in the case of a magnetic switch). The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited ON/OFF cycle, unlike mechanically operated switches.

The faceplate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should any of the devices become disconnected from the switch, the device will stay ON and switch will remember its last state.

Easy installation, place the Touch Switch anywhere on the aircraft fuselage – either outside or inside the fuselage. Please note, that if you install the switch inside the fuselage, the maximum allowed surface thickness must not exceed 1/8″ (3mm) and the material must be non-conductive (plywood, fiberglass).

Operational Current: 12mA
Operational Voltage: 4V to 16.8V
Dimensions: 42mm x 16mm x 8mm
Weight: 3g

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Compatible with the following devices:

Emcotec D-Sub Heavy Duty Power Connectors 2-pin and 7-pin Available Now!

The Emcotec D-Sub power connector sets have been designed using only the highest quality automotive grade, heavy duty components (Made In Germany) with addition of integrated housing and reverse polarity protection.

Simply solder your wing/tail/fuselage power connections to the power leads and instantly enjoy secure connection. Replace your existing, or install to your brand new airplane Emcotec D-Sub Heavy Duty power connectors and ensure secure, self aligning, polarity protected power connection.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Designed with built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Heavy Duty, locking, vibration safe connection
  • Up to 40A continues current
  • Easy installation due compact design

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