Month: February 2018

Best in Town!

Be the talk-of-the-town when you show up at field with one of these water proof, dust proof, and crash proof transmitter cases.

Uncertainty always strikes when bringing your equipment into extreme weather conditions. From the sweltering-hot vacation beach to the violent desert dust storm, you will feel safe knowing that your precious equipment is fully protected. Our cases are designed to resist deformation and fatigue, the waterproof seal ensures a long-lasting watertight fit. With rounded corners, stainless steel hardware, thick wall construction, and oversized details these durable hard-sided cases are built to absorb shocks and keep water and dust out without sustaining damage to the case or more importantly your equipment. Available for DS and DC series transmitters and offered in three colors.

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Top Model is Almost Here!

Our Top Model shipment is almost here! Check out another great model you will see arriving – The Indian V.

Top Model describes the Indian V as a “Performance electric sailplane for sports and (competition) flying.”

This V-Tail model offers a thin wing airfoil and a lightweight frame. Its large wing area allows for calm and steady gliding. For easy transportation and storage the wing breaks down into two pieces. Internally the wing is designed using a balsa D-box framework. With the large fiberglass fuselage, there is plenty of space for all your components to fir nicely.  The beautiful carbon fiber tail boom matches nice to its fiberglass fuselage. Control surfaces include ailerons, flaps, and tail. (5 Channels)


  • Wingspan: 1960mm
  • Length: 1095
  • Weight: 650 – 750g
  • Wing Area: 32dm^2
  • Wing Loading: 20.3 – 23.5g/dm^2
  • Airfoil: MH32

REX Assist w/ Satellite Receivers and Central Box

We have gotten several questions regarding the Jeti REX Assist receivers and how to set them up if you are using multiple receivers or a central box. It seemed as something worth addressing. Take a read at this article that Jeti Model posted.

If you plan to use the REX Assist receiver in combination with any additional receiver or Central Box, this article provides you several possibilities of how to connect and set up the devices.

Satellite Receiver Connection:

A satellite receiver (such as R3/RSW) can be connected to the E1 or E2 port on the REX A receiver. In this case, REX A acts as the main receiver with activated flight stabilization and R3/RSW is used as a backup in case signal loss occurs. You can additionally use the Double Path mode in your transmitter.

REX A settings:

Fail-Safe Fail-Safe type Output period E1 E2 Stabilize EX Bus
Enabled Intelligent 7-20ms PPM Input E.g.  Sensor NO

R3/RSW settings:

Fail-Safe Output period Output type Receiver mode PPM mode
Disabled Auto PPM positive Normal Direct

Central Box Connection:

The REX A receivers are able to generate the EX Bus serial output with up to 16 stabilized servo channels. This stabilized output can be used for airplane models equipped with a Central Box.

REX A settings:

Fail-Safe Fail-Safe type Output period E1 E2 Stabilize EX Bus
Enabled Intelligent 7-20ms PPM Input EX Bus YES

R3/RSW or R3 REX 900 * Settings:

Fail-Safe Output period Output type Receiver mode PPM mode
Disabled Auto PPM positive Normal Direct

* The R3 REX 900 (or anything connected to the Rx2 port of Central Box) is only a supplementary device. The Central Box should never switch to this backup receiver while the REX A is functioning correctly. REX A stabilizes the EX Bus output always, even if it does not have signal from the transmitter.

New From Top Model – The Still Racer

The Still Racer is a great little machine to enjoy fast flying. The airfoil used, as well as the concepts applied, give the model excellent flight characteristics and high performance. Thanks to an aerodynamically clean air-frame the model has a surprising shallow glide-slope. The Still racer has a carbon-reinforced fiberglass fuselage, polystyrene/balsa wing, structural elevator with carbon spar and leading edge and therefore is agile and break-resistant enough to be capable of aerobatics, and best part is it will be here soon!


  • Wingspan: 1000mm
  • Length: 700mm
  • Flying Weight: 0,65-0,75kg
  • Wing Area: 13,4g/dm2
  • Wing Loading: 48,5-56,0g/dm2
  • Airfoil: Special

Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti REX Assist 2.4GHz Receiver Programming

The REX Assist receivers enhance the REX series of receivers and extend it with the intelligent flight stabilization feature, which is designed for airplane models and multicopters. This stabilization works in all three axes of the model and facilitates flying in windy or otherwise challenging conditions.


  • – Up to 16 Stabilized Individual Channels
  • – Available Telemetry: Rx Voltage, Signal Quality/Strength, G-Force, Attitude Orientation
  • – Different Multicopter Types, from Tricopters to Octocopters
  • – Up to 3 Adjustable Flight Modes, Options for Stabilizing the Horizon and Altitude – In-flight Gyro Gain Tuning Using Available Channels
  • – Latest 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Accelerometer and Barometric Altimeter
  • – Wireless Transmitter programming and PC Support

Registration Is Open

Hey guys! We just wanted to let everyone know that registration is open for the 2018 Jeti Flight Fest in Sebastian, Florida. You can find all the important information on RC Flight Deck’s website. There is a two-part registration process we wanted to explain.

First – Head over to RC Flight Deck to register your pilot information. Here we have 3 choices for registration day, so make sure you pick the one that reflects the date or dates you plan on attending.

Second – Payment. There are two options for a payment method. If you wish to pay cash, you can pay at the door. Please note: NO CREDIT/DEBIT cards will be accepted at the door. If you are paying with a credit/debit card, head on over to our site and purchase your registration.

If you have any questions reach out to us at

Hope to see you there! Happy Flying!

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