Graupner MZ-24 Pro Coming Soon!

Take a look at this revolutionary transmitter from Graupner.

The MZ-24 Pro brings to the table:

– Machined-Aluminum quad bearing 4096 resolutions gimbals
– External accessible stick tension adjustments
– Real-time SD-card data logging of critical flight information
– Balanced weight distribution of radio with comfortable rubber hand grips
– External DSC port for flight simulator connections or third party devices
– External data port for optional Bluetooth
– 5000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack
– Updateable firmware with Graupner Firmware Update Studio
– Included: 2x GR-16L, 1x GR-12L Receivers, Aluminum Case, USB Interface & Cables

Voice, color and touch is what makes the Graupner mz-24 PRO one of the most versatile radio on the market at a price point unmatched in the industry. With its 12 channels and built-in real-time voice telemetry you will experience a new level of connection between you and your model. Usability is easy with the TFT color and touch screen. Navigating through the basic and function menus is simple with the touch of your finger, stylus or navigation keys.

The high-precision machined aluminum quad bearings gimbals are adjustable with a 4096 resolution precision for smooth and accurate flight control. High reliability is achieved by hopping over 75 2.4 GHz channels to secure the most reliable interference-free operating channel for a safe and worry-free flight.

Telemetry is integrated in all of our HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) radio systems and the mz-24 PRO will not require any additional hardware for functions such as signal quality, temperature or receiver voltage. Like all of our HoTT receivers, the included 9ch and 6ch receivers provide telemetry functions that can be configured to notify you in case of an imminent system failure. Graupner provides a wide selection of telemetry ESCs, modules and sensors that can connect directly to your HoTT receivers for immediate operation without the need for external hub boxes or complex wiring. Our third-party partners provide additional telemetry products that will work seamlessly with your mz-24 PRO HoTT radio.

Whether you want to hear that your landing gear is down and your flaps in landing position or even the flight mode you are in, the mz-24 PRO allows you to configure any switch or control with a custom voice. Voices triggers can also be flight mode depended, providing you with countless options to set up voice combinations based on your flying needs and airplane conditions. Creating your own voice files can be done easily with the free Graupner firmware update studio program.

Conditional control of your model based on switch position or controls adds a new dimension of control to the way we fly our models. For example, you can set up a logical switch that will not allow your gear to come down unless you have your flaps in the landing position. The AND/OR combinations are only limited by your imagination.

The three channel servo sequencer allows you to set up timed events like retracting landing gears and opening/closing of gear doors all with the toggle of a switch or by setting a logical switch.

Trimming your airplane, especially at its first flight, has never been easier! Just fly your airplane at level attitude and pull the freely-assignable auto trim switch and the mz-24 PRO will automatically set the trims on your airplane.

We’ve Got What Ya Need!

Let us help you with your power set up! Take a look at what one customer said about our recommendations!

Thank you Esprit!!
I installed this upgrade early this week. Have several flights on it.
Worth every penny.
Climbs from my hand to 450 ft. in 15 seconds.
Climbs from flying at 10 ft. to 500 ft. in 15 seconds.
I am using a TATTU 1550 mah 3 cell 75C battery.
This battery fits crosswise in the far aft pocket in the battery compartment.
I use 1 minute and 20 seconds of power on.
This gives me about 25 minutes of glide time in dead air, which is plenty for me. Battery voltage after this is 3.8 volts per cell.
Battery, ESC, and motor are cool after this.
The prop folds flat against the sides of the fuselage.
Seems like well planned sizes for all components. Except for the recommended battery, which I think is much bigger than I need.
This is not quite a drop in conversion, I had to remove the forward part of the G10 cross member. Not a problem and gave me a good chance to remove the heavy metal blocks that were buried in the foam.

-Russ K

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