Markus Rummer – Revealed

Another Joe Nall has come and gone, and as usual, it did not disappoint. Never before have I seen an aircraft like the one flown by Markus Rummer at the noon time demos. His Delro Raven was anything short of predictable. Running on a custom made Hacker A200 motor, a Spin 300 ESC, and 10,000mAh 12S batteries, his power system pulled around 250 amps and produced over 11,000 watts of power! On top of that, Markus had it fitted with a variable pitch propeller set up. His custom 700 size Spin Helicopter Blades and his use of thrust vectoring made for a captivating demonstration. Watching a 3.1 meter Delro Raven perform maneuvers such as pin wheels and nose down hovering was amazing. It definitely kept us on our toes. However, none of that would have been possible without the Emcotec, Bavarian Demon, and Jeti.

As he flew, he was utilizing the Jeti telemetry to monitor the air speed, Continue reading “Markus Rummer – Revealed”