Pulsar 2.5S Full, REF, RES In Stock!!!

All versions of the Pulsar 2.5S are in stock, call to order. These Pulsar’s offer the same high quality you came to expect from one of the best manufacturers, so get yours now!

Another benefit is the pre-installed ballast tube in all versions providing a simple and clean solution for windy days.

Pulsar 2.5S Pro $685.00
Pulsar 2.5S Pro RES $665.00
Pulsar 2.5S Pro REF $665.00

Introducing: Jeti Central Box 400

The Central Box 400 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in large to giant models with an emphasis on safety. The Central Box 400 has a unique design that provides overload protection at each servo output. An independent, very powerful BEC (battery eliminator circuit) for each battery input makes the Central Box an optimal solution to connect up to 24 servos. The Central Box 400 can manage the batteries and fully supports the JETI EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus, UDI) output can be connected to the Central Box 400. With a JETI DC/DS transmitter, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as easy configuration of the Central Box, EX telemetry, and very fast servo response.


Two independent high-powered BEC´s for voltage stabilization of servos

Overload protection on each channel

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