Another Satisfied Jeti Owner

We are always very excited to hear when our customers love what they have just bought, and we like to share their experiences with our followers. Take a look at what Doug had to say.

“Hello Esprit Model,

I want you to know how much of a joy it is to own and use a JETI DS-14 system.  

This radio provides versatile programming, a rugged feel, and very fine control.  I think it’s unmatched by any other product at any price point.  I researched then shopped all other major brands at Toledo this year (2015) before committing to own JETI.

Control is absolutely solid.  I use telemetry to monitor my batteries through my PowerBox Baselog (my plane is turbine powered).  I realize PowerBox is not your product but I appreciate the neat integration of other products with yours.  I also think it’s a testimony to JETI radios that PowerBox chooses to integrate neatly with JETI radios.

 I think I’m fortunate to have discovered JETI.  For now, I am completely satisfied with, and delighted by, my new radio.”


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