Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Duplex DS-16 Transmitters (Español)

Hey guys, check out our newest Closer Look segment. We have taken the DS-16 Introduction and created a Spanish version for our Español speaking customers. If you would like to see a video done in Spanish, please send us an email at and let us know!

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Meet Rich Miller

At a young age, Rich Miller became engulfed in the world control line.   After a couple of years it was time to give RC flight a try.  He and a buddy decided to learn on their own, starting with a Carl Goldberg Falcon 56 fixed wing airplane.  Since then Rich has tinkered with many different models. There have been nitro sport planes, scale models, twin engine aircraft, electrics, gassers, and even helicopters. In 2005, Rich picked up a turbine jet and fell in love. Along with a wide variety of aircraft, he has tinkered with many different flight systems.  His first radio was a World Engines Expert, followed by a Kraft, Hitec, Futaba, and now Jeti. After having seen the Jeti DS-16 first at Joe Nall two years ago and again at the Weak Signals in Toledo, he knew this was the radio for him.   “[I] look forward to the 2015 RC season. [I will be] attending Jet events and showing off the DS-16 to all who are interested.” states Rich. Welcome to the team!

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Rich Miller w Comp ARF T45

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Meet Team Pilot Justin Pucci

As grad of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Justin Pucci gets to tinker with rocket propulsion systems daily. This exposure eventually led to Justin’s desire to dabble in the world of RC. Justin began flying on Thanksgiving 2009 and his first heli was a T-Rex 500 ESP, but as most of you have experienced, the fleet quickly blossomed into a plethora of different helis as the addiction set in. Justin has owned and flown over 40 helicopters from all major brands. His current fleet is a KDS Chase 360, a Goblin 770 Competition, a Goblin Speed, a TDR, and Diabolo Speed #40. In addition to flying as a hobbyist, Justin is one of four co-hosts of the weekly podcast RC Heli Nation. As an RCHN Co-Host, He has authored several technical tips on all things RC helis related, reviewed many products for various companies, and provides technical help on weekly shows. Justin enjoys the thrill of competition, constantly pushing himself further and further. “I competed in the 2014 IRCHA Speed Cup in the Unlimited Class and placed 6th. I plan to become more competitive in the future and will be competing in all three speed classes at the 2015 IRCHA Speed Cup.” States Justin. Welcome to the team!

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Meet Team Pilot Michael Middleton

Not everybody learns about the RC Hobby through a friend. Michael Middleton did not. Instead, he was always captivated by flight and the craft itself. This wonder led him into the RC world, a place where he could follow his imagination and interest in  the wonders of flight on a small scale level. He started off building small, two channel models, and attempting to fly them himself. Through a very hard “trial and error” process, Michael began to grasp the techniques required to keep his aircraft in flight.

Shortly thereafter, Michael’s career took him to Las Vegas, where he became acquainted with a local hobby shop owner. From there he was introduced to pilots of a higher skill level, who coached him to multiple south west area event wins and placings, as well as AMA F3A district champion twice.

Michael currently is a member of IMAC, and Prop Nuts R/C Club, and enjoys flying full sale aircraft. ” I enjoy mentoring and coaching aerobatic and scale fliers, and flying all types of fixed wing aircraft as well as setting up RC control and power systems.” States Michael. Welcome to the team Michael! We are happy to have you.

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