Jeti and Tactic – A Match Made In Heaven

Now you can fly your Bind and Fly device on Jeti!

What you’ll need:

Tactic AnyLink Air Module, Male to Male adapter (TACM0004), Jeti Receiver, Receiver Battery, Jeti Transmitter, and your bind and fly device.

Using the male to male adapter, simply plug the AnyLink Air Module into the PPM Port (set for negative ppm output) connect to your device, and you’re good to go!


From The Flight Line – Jeti Pilot Jim McEwen Reports From The Arizona Jet Rally

Flying his newly refurbished and repainted PST Reaction, Jim was one of about 45 registered pilots at the Arizona Jet Rally this weekend. “We were blessed with light winds and blue sky, so flying conditions were great,” States Jim. His Reaction, set up to resemble an F-4 Phantom is complete with dual cockpit, lights, and droppable centerline tank runs an R14 and an R3 Receiver, MVario, MGPS, Xicoy-Jeti ECU adaptor, and a Cortex Gyro. His jet was such a hit, he won “Best Sport Jet”. Way to go Jim!

Jim McEwen Arizona Jet Rally

Main Switch 200 Now Available For Pre-Order

Pre-Order your Main Switch 200 now. Main Switch is an electronic primary switch designed for switching of the main power supply (Main Battery) for your RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnection of the main battery pack. The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited On/Off cycles, unlike mechanically operated switches. The Main Switch prevents the connectors from sparking when connecting the batteries, in fact it also replaces Anti-Spark connectors.  Two versions are offered; Main Switch 200A with Magnetic Switch, or Main Switch 200 with R3/Wireless Switch.

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