Meet Josh Brannon

Not everyone starts off in the RC World. Josh Brannon did not. Josh was exposed to aviation during his time in the Marine Corps. With working with Helicopters and Tilt-Rotors as a mechanic, supervisor, Quality Assurance, and a maintenance controller, for ten years, his passion for the hobby grew. In 2012 Josh started RC Flight with a Raptor 30 Nitro Helicopter. Soon after he ventured into electric powered Helis and has not looked back. Flying is not all Josh enjoys. ” I enjoy flying my models, but I enjoy building and working on them just as much”, he states. Being in the full scale helicopter industry for nearly 18 years, Josh enjoys bringing his expertise into his love of the RC hobby.

You can find Brannon flying at E-Week, Frosty Dog Fun-Fly, IRCHA, Joe Nall, and Heli Extravaganza. We look forward to seeing you on the field. Welcome to Jeti USA!

Josh Brannon 3