New Pyro 750-50L

Check out this amazing motor from Kontronik. The Pyro 750 series offers a compact, extremely powerful motor with a power output of 4.5KW. The unique design of the PYRO 750 provides a shaft with two sizes. The internal shaft is 10mm, allowing the use of 8mm bearings for longer life, and an external shaft of 6mm that allows it to easily fit most helicopters. If you need ultimate power for a 700 class helicopter, look no further as the PYRO 750 is the new powerhouse for the 700 class.

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New O.S. Max Brushless Motors

Pilots loyal to outstanding O.S. performance but eager to fly electric now have the ideal option — powering electric airplanes using new O.S. brushless motors! Designed by O.S. engineers to be the “gold standard” in electric power, these motors offer the same legendary quality and reliability that have O.S. glow engines famous worldwide for 75 years. Only O.S. brushless motors offer a ventilation system that increases efficiency and allows the motors to generate additional power. Key to this system is a unique centrifugal fan design. The fan draws air through specially angled ventilation holes, across the windings and over the magnets for greatly improved cooling.

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os-max-05-3508-1200n os-max-25-3820-960n os-max-52-5010-810n