New Jeti Spin Pro 80/100/160A SHED ESCs w/5A BEC

Finally we have excellent solution for narrow fuselages. After talking for past 3 month with Jeti engineers. We just received, brand new Jeti Spin Pro 80A, 100A, 160A SHED (Slim/Hotliner/Electric Ducted Fan) slim design ESCs. They are all good up to 8S with 5A/5.5V switching BEC, fully programmable, with built in data logger and very narrow, 27mm wide architecture. Also street price is very competitive and as you know all Jeti products have 2 years warranty and 50% replacement policy.

Jeti Spin 80    $120.00
Jeti Spin 100 $135.00
Jeti Spin 160 $175.00

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New Jeti Duplex R6L/R6i/R5L/R5i 2.4GHz Receivers

Brand new Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz R6L, R6i, R5L and R5i receivers just showed up. All of them are Full Range with Built-In Telemetry. The R6i and R5i are recommend to be used for smaller Parkflyers/Indoor models and 450-Size Helicopters due to short 50mm antenna.

Jeti R5 receivers were developed as classic 5-Channel receivers with additional auxiliary port to be used as add-on to R18, R14, R11, R9, R7 receivers (Plugged to the SAT Port). Sort of sat/remote/auxiliary receivers. With R5L and R5i you have two receivers in one, this is an excellent value.

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