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AXi’s Radian XL Motor is Back!

AXi’s Radian XL Motor is back! Specially designed to fit inside the Radian XL’s fuselage, this is a must-have upgrade! Packed with the power, efficiency, and quality of  any AXi motor, the 2826/12-30 Sailplane Brushless Motor with long shaft by AXi is sure to take your level of fun one step higher.

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2826 Outrunner Series
Kv (rpm/V) 760
Max Power (W) 655W
Max Amp (15sec) 45A
Max Efficiency 86%
Io (No load A) 1.3A
Rm (Resistance) 0.062Ohm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Gearbox N/A
Motor Diameter 35mm
Motor Length 57.5mm
Motor Weight 179g
Built in Fan Yes
Max Rpm 18,000
Poles 14
Case Outrunner
ESC Timing 20-25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8kHz

Arriving Soon – AXi’s 2826/12-30 Sailplane Motor

AXI’s special Radian XL Motor is on its way! These motors were specifically designed with the Radian XL pilot in mind. AXi’s special motor gives you the flexibility of a motor that will fit with in the fuselage restraints, but with the quality you know and love! Order yours today and we will ship it the same day thy arrive (expected mid July).

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