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RCGroups Features Safetech Parachute Systems

RCGroups write Jason Cole brings up some great points as to why everyone should be flying a Safetech Rescue Parachute System in this article. Follow the thread below the article for some great Q&A’s.

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Pulsar 4E Pro Compact Is Here

New Pulsar 4E Pro Compact Electric Sailplane just arrived (Full/REF/RES)!

The Pulsar 4E Pro Compact is the latest and largest addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes. Built at our request, the new line of Pulsar Compact Models have been designed for ease of transportation. New 4-piece wing with CF wing rod and 2-piece fuselage keeps all parts under 1m. Price ranges from $1195.00 to $1225.00

BOGO!!! Free Axi Brushless Motor!!!

Buy any In-Stock Pulsar 3.2E or 3.6E and receive a free matching AXi Cyclone Inrunner/Outrunner Brushless Motor FREE! See our newsletter for details: Newsletter

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Tennessee Style from Nashvegas

Check out Flying Giants User Nashvegas’s awesome build of the 88″ Edge 540 from Extreme Flight. This very personalized Edge runs a DA70 engine, Falcon Carbon Fiber Prop, Jeti Central Box 200, and his very own special Tennessee high octane fuel tank. For more information on the build click here: Build Link 

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*Photos from Jim T. Graham’s article posted on 


NEW – From Jeti Model!!!

Check out what was released at Nuremberg Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Jeti has lots of goodies in store for us. Some of the new items include the DS-24, the Jeti Ditex servos, and the REX Assist Receivers. Check it out.


Take Tom For A Ride With The Opale XL Trike!

The Trike XL is designed for use with the Oxy 5/5.1m wing. At close to 1:2 scale, this is the largest paramotor trike available. It features a very scale tubular steel frame with an integrated prop ring and composite deck surface. Large rubber tires with inner tubes enable take offs and touch and go landings on rough surfaces. With a large payload capacity, you can easily fly with your pilot, AP or FPV system installed. This is the answer for the ultimate in scale realism for your Oxy 5 paramotor wing.

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New AXi Motors Available

Our line of AXi Sailplane motors keeps growing. Take a look at the new 2830 and 2835 series Long motors. These new motors fit great in narrow fuselages!

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A-10 Thunderbolts Tandem Indoor Flight

Watch these two 2.5m A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthogs flying together indoor at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel Leipzig Germany air show in September 2016! (Takeoff happens at 2:37)

Can’t Win Them All…

Some people are never satisfied. We felt the need to share this customer rant with you… Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 🙂

Hello Esprit,

I ordered a box full of stuff yesterday morning around 10am and received it today at 3:30 pm…in perfect condition. I request that you cease this level of customer service immediately, it makes your competitors look very bad.


What can we say… We can’t please them all, or can we? 🙂 Thanks for your purchase John!

3d human with checkered flag at motion

We’ve Got What Ya Need!

Let us help you with your power set up! Take a look at what one customer said about our recommendations!

Thank you Esprit!!
I installed this upgrade early this week. Have several flights on it.
Worth every penny.
Climbs from my hand to 450 ft. in 15 seconds.
Climbs from flying at 10 ft. to 500 ft. in 15 seconds.
I am using a TATTU 1550 mah 3 cell 75C battery.
This battery fits crosswise in the far aft pocket in the battery compartment.
I use 1 minute and 20 seconds of power on.
This gives me about 25 minutes of glide time in dead air, which is plenty for me. Battery voltage after this is 3.8 volts per cell.
Battery, ESC, and motor are cool after this.
The prop folds flat against the sides of the fuselage.
Seems like well planned sizes for all components. Except for the recommended battery, which I think is much bigger than I need.
This is not quite a drop in conversion, I had to remove the forward part of the G10 cross member. Not a problem and gave me a good chance to remove the heavy metal blocks that were buried in the foam.

-Russ K

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