Esprit Model would like to say you’re welcome to Danny Maize of Team Polecat. Danny Wrote:

“Good folks at Esprit,

  Well, another “CAMS/POLECAT/SOARING CIRCUITS 2K13 OPEN SOAR” ALES contest has come and gone.  It was a huge success with many fine reviews and would not be possible without the ongoing support of fine sponsors like Esprit.  Thanks a million for your support.  It is always appreciated very much from contestants and promoter.  It is fine companies such as Esprit who are willing to step up and support the hobby that allow events such as this to be the ones by which others are judged:-)  Your banner looked great!”

We are glad we could help out. We love the sport and we love to see people enjoying it. It is an honor to be able to provide support to help pilots everywhere achieve success, whatever that maybe. Thank you.

Esprit Model

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