Dave Brawley loves aircraft of all types, and RC is no exception. At a young age Dave became immersed in the world of RC Flight. This passion turned into a life-long career for him.  With his love of flying, and much determination, Dave became a USAF Fighter pilot. After his time in the military, he went on to fly for American Airlines, not forgetting his love of RC Flight. Today Dave enjoys flying mostly RC Jets. Some of his favorites are his BVM Kingcat, Boomerang Elan, CARF Ultra Flash, and his Scale Jets. Along with being an RC Pilot, Dave has become involved with many events. He has worked as a CD for the Jet World Masters US qualifiers and JWM, but his passion doesn’t stop there! He is also involved in Turbine Development with Wren Turbines, and enjoys working with avionics and radios.

You can find Dave in the pits helping guys keep ’em flying and programming radios! Welcome to the team Dave!

Dave Brawley

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