For months, we have had a team of engineering students from FIT visiting us in search of various electric components. We are very happy to see young minds so enthralled with design and creation, especially in the field of electronics. All of their hard work has paid off!

Congratulations to Team Spiritus at FIT for your success in the 2015 Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase!

Aerospace Engineering:
Team Name: Search and Rescue Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Team Members: Jake Olson, Mike Barbera, Brendan Ooi, Nathan Arledge, Fabio Maia, Evan Cosgrove, Niko Casciola, Mohamed Mohamed, Xori Deans, Oron Bader
Project Description:
The design of an unmanned aerial vehicle for search and rescue operations.

For more information visit the web page below.

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