Watch this Jeti Short for information on how to adjust your displayed telemetry. We cover how to add and remove telemetry parameters on your home screen, how to rearrange the order of your displayed telemetry, and how to adjust the size of your display boxes. You will also learn how to adjust the voice output features associated with your telemetry values.

4 Replies to “Video Release – Telemetry & Timers: Voice Output Setting/Telemetry & Data Display”

  1. With a Jeti ds-16 trnsmitter, I have a MGPS EX and an MRPM EX sensor plugged into the Ext1 and Ext2 ports of my Central Box 200 with two R3/RSW receivers. Everything else is working fine except these sensor’s don’t appear in the Sensors/logging Setup. The GPS is picking up 5 or 6 satellites. All I see in this screen when I do the Auto then OK to reset the telemetry settings is the Receiver Voltage and the Transmitter status info. I have Telemetry Rcv On/Log Off.

    Is there some other setting somewhere I’m missing? I don’t know the firmware version of the receivers … but presumably it is the latest because it was just shipped last week.

    1. Hi Dwight. The first thing I can suggest is making sure all the equipment has been updated. In most cases an out of date firmware version is the cause. Once that has been updated, if you still do not see your sensors, please email

      1. Is it possible to update the firmware on the rx, central box, and sensors via the transmitter … the only cord I have to connect to a computer is the one for the transmitter?

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