How to Decide between DS-14 or DS-16?

When comparing the DS-14 to the DS-16, it may be hard to notice the differences, since they offer the same overall functionality. So what really sets them apart? Read what one Jeti user had to say on the forums:

I’ve said this here somewhere before, but it’s simple to write again than to search for it – the main rationale is, DS-14 is a crippled DS-16. It’s not crippled by functionality (if you buy all of it, it’s just like DS-16, if I remember right), it’s crippled by fear. You will be afraid to spend an extra cent on a feature you think you won’t need, and you will end up *never* having it.

With DS-16, though, you’ll be in a different situation. You’ll be like “Oh, dude, look, I can also do X and Y and Z with all these things!”, X, Y, and Z being things you would have *never* thought of being usable for your particular scenario.

Pay once, cry once. Go for it, you will enjoy every second.

These are words that we can stand behind; PAY ONCE, CRY ONCE. GO FOR IT, YOU WILL ENJOY EVERY SECOND.

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14 vs 16

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