Take a look at this beautiful 16’ (4.87m) wingspan, 1/6 scale Sikorsky Ilya Muromets bomber. It is powered by four AXI 4130/20 motors on Jeti Advance 77 Opto electronic speed controllers using four 6S 4500mah LiPo packs and swinging 16×8 XOAR scimitar props.  It is the largest flying model of the Ilya Muromets and one of only two in the world. Thanks Sal for the amazing in-flight photos!

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    1. Chris,I am sorry. This is not our plane, nor a kit, it is a customers scratch build airplane, so we do not have this information.

  1. Just my observation but look at the “down” elevator in the shots and i would say that the stab is providing a large amount of lift as the CG relative to thewing would not have been moved all that much.
    Very nice plane by the way!!!

  2. It balances near the trailing edge of the wing and flys exactly like the full size has been reported. Yes, It has an enormous lifting tail surface.
    Cheers, Sal

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