Couple the beautiful craftsmanship of the Top Model name with the efficiency and power of an AXi!

We have looked high and low for the best motors to place in our in-house builds, but now the search is over. We have compared performance between several manufacturers and AXi hit every requirement. When you look at any of our Top Model aircraft, you will see our suggested setup for the ultimate experience there on the page. The best part is we can find an AXi motor for a very wide range of setups! Make it one step easier (and save some doe) with our AXi Power Packages. These packages are already prepared based on wing size or watt range and contain everything you need.

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

The Samsara White 3.2 Electric Sailplane

Suggested Equipment:

  • AXi Cyclone 46/760
  • Jeti Advance 70 Pro SB ESC
  • 3300 3S battery
  • HS-85MG servo (ailerons, flaps)
  • MKS Ds6100 servo (rudder, elevator)



The Albatros 2.4 Electric Sailplane

Suggested Equipment:

  • AXi 2820/12
  • Jeti Advance 40 Pro SB ESC
  • 2700 3S battery
  • HS-65HB servo (ailerons)
  •  HS-65MG servo (flaps)
  • HS-85BB servo (rudder, elevator)


The Discus 2a Deluxe Scale Sailplane

Direct Power Upgrade:

  • AXi 4120/18
  • Jeti Spin Pro 80 ESC
  • 5000 5S battery


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