In response to a customer’s question, Jeti Pilot Peter Vogel made this How-To Video. Check it out. It covers the topic of Jeti Radio programming — Logical switches to enter flight modes automatically. Ideal for Snap and Spin setup.

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  1. I mentioned this on the youtube video page, but just to make sure it’s not lost. It occurred to me after I shot the video that I could save 2 logical switches here. Since L2 (HThrottle) is just looking at P4 > 95%, we can just edit the LeftStick (which I should have named LStickSnap) logical switch to check for P4 > 95% AND ExRud instead of doing HThrottle AND ExRud. Similarly for the Spin, we can just have LStickSpin check for P4<5% AND ExRud

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