Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know we have some brand new Jeti items in stock. The newest telemetry sensor, the MAlti is a new altitude sensor that uses the atmospheric pressure to calculate the distance above sea level, much like the MVario2.  It is a great sensor if you need a basic altimeter. It measures three different parameters, air pressure, altitude, and the temperature of your sensor. The cost of the sensor will save you about 35 dollars from the MVario2.

The other new gadget from Jeti is the DSM ESC Switch. This little guy  automatically monitors and switches between two power supplies either Two Rx Batteries, Rx Battery & ESC or Two ESCs. This device is great if you have a twin motor setup.

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Jeti Electronic Switch Dual Redundant with Power Backup and Magnetic Key DSM ESCJeti Telemetry Sensor Altimeter MAlti EX


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